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Maharashtra State Electric Vehicle Policy 2021
shayma Shamim
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Published on 8th Nov 21

Maharashtra State Electric Vehicle Policy 2021

Following in the footsteps of the Indian Central Government, the Maharashtra Government is taking a number of steps to increase the sale of electric vehicles. In an effort for the same, Maharashtra has its own electric vehicle policy in 2021 which is the revised policy introduced in 2018. Aiming to make Maharastra the largest battery-powered electric vehicle manufacturer in India, electric vehicles (EVs) aim to produce more and more Electric Vehicles by 2025. With 300,000 new cars registered every year, the state government has enacted a policy of Rs 9.3 billion by March 31, 2025, and announced that electric vehicles will be exempt from road tolls and registration fees for Electric Vehicles in the state. Maharashtra is one of the first states in the country to develop and adopt an electric vehicle policy. Maharashtra's Electric Vehicle Policy was announced in February 2018. This policy benefited buyers and sellers through financial and non-financial incentives to accelerate the introduction and production of electric vehicles in Maharashtra.


Maharashtra Electric Vehicle Policy

  1. First 1 lakh, E2W eligible buyers avail the incentive of Rs 5,000 per kWh of battery capacity with a subsidy limit of Rs 10,000 which is double the previous incentive of Rs 5,000.
  2. Maharashtra is offering discounts of up to Rs 15,000 named "Early Bird offer" for E2W of a 3 kWh battery for those who purchased the Electric two-wheeler before December 31, 2021, in the state. Buyers can earn a discount of the total of Rs 25,000 in the current year if the battery capacity of the buying electric two-wheeler is selected near 3 kWh.
  3. Anyone who is planning to buy an electric motorcycle or scooter in 2021 will benefit the most from this policy. The Ather 450 Plus electric scooter (current price Rs 1.23 lakh), if purchased before the end of the calendar year, will cost around Rs 1.3 lakh. Likewise, the price of the Ather450X, which is currently on sale for Rs 1.42 lakh, will cost around Rs 1.22 lakh if purchased before the end of 2021. The price of the Revolt RV400 electric bike, which is currently on sale for Rs 1.08 lakh, has been reduced to around Rs 83,000 if buy within this calendar year. Due to booking fees and discounts, on-road prices will be very close to ex-showroom costs. A scrappage benefit of Rs 7,000 will also be awarded.
  4. Manufacturers of these vehicles will be directly availing the benefit to avoid the problem of coordination between buyers and the public sector to obtain subsidies. In addition, electric motorcycle manufacturers will receive an additional discount of up to Rs 12,000 for providing a minimum 5-year battery warranty and a guaranteed buy-back program. Electric motorcycles sold without batteries are only availing up to 50% of the incentive.
  5. According to Maharashtra's 2021 EV Policy, the main incentives for Electric cars and SUVs are the same as for E2W, which is Rs 5,000 per kilowatt-hour of battery capacity. However, subsidies can be provided for vehicles with batteries up to 30 kWh. That is, the general incentive is Rs 1.5 lakh which is Rs 50,000 more than the previous limit. If you purchase an Electric Car or SUV before December 31, 2021, you will receive an additional bonus of up to Rs 1 lakh and the total grant amount is up to Rs 2.5 lakh. In addition, there is a scrappage bonus of Rs 25,000 but the manufacturer does not offer a guaranteed buyback bonus or battery guarantee. Maharashtra aims to subsidize 10,000 buyers of electric vehicles and SUVs in line with the revised policy, with electric cars representing 5% of newly registered vehicles in the state by 2025. However, it was announced by the Government at the start of this year that all new cars in the state will be completely electric by 2022.
  6. Maharashtra is developing a unified charging infrastructure network across the state and plans to install approximately 2,500 charging stations in seven metropolitan areas over the next four years. Out of these, 1,500 will be installed in the Greater Mumbai region, 500, 150, and 75 will be installed in Pune, Nagpur, and Nashik respectively. The government is also planning to install charging stations in Tier III cities like 75 stations in Aurangabad, 30 charging stations in Amravati, and 20 stations in Solapur. The installation of these stations includes four main roads: Mumbai-Pune, Mumbai-Nashik, Mumbai-Nagpur, and Pune-Nashik.
  7. Companies installing the first batch of 15,000 slow chargers will be eligible for benefit of up to Rs 10,000 per charger, while companies supplying the first batch of Rs 500 fast chargers will earn up to Rs 5 lakh incentive for all machines. In addition, the policy mandates that local city groups be encouraged to offer property tax refunds to property owners who build private charging infrastructure in their areas.
  8. To further boost the usage of electric vehicles, the government has made it mandatory to allocate parking spaces for electric vehicles for all future construction projects, 20% for residential apartments, 25% for commercial centres and buildings, 100% for government offices.


Wrapping Up

Apart from the above incentives, Maharashtra aims to ensure 25% public transportation use and electrification of last-mile delivery solutions in the metropolitan areas of Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Nashik, and Aurangabad over the next four years. By 2025, 15% of MSRTC buses will be electrified. The government is also providing incentives for E3W up to Rs 30,000 and electric buses up to Rs 2 lakh. Electric vehicles sold without a battery receive only 50% of the recommended discounts. Maharashtra will also offer supply incentives that have not yet been announced. Maharashtra says his goal is to build at least one super factory and welcomes the manufacturing unit of a hydrogen fuel cell. Reliance Industries Limited recently announced the construction of a super hydrogen fuel cell plant in Jamnagar, Gujarat.

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