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Let's Review the Best Electric Vehicle Charging Station in India
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Published on 13th Aug 21

Let's Review the Best Electric Vehicle Charging Station in India

Globally, EV usage is rising, and India is no exception. While Indian automakers are beginning to develop high-tech EVs, government measures are hastening uptake. The Indian automotive market is disrupting. Electricity is leading the way, that it can have an adept influence on vehicle OEMs and auto component makers. India is paving the way for EVs and associated technology by outlining its intentions for the next decade. The government intends to achieve a high level of EV adoption by 2030.

As we move forward with EV adoption, India will require a wider charging infrastructure to fulfil the rising demand for EVs.

Many start-ups like Kazam EV Tech, are assisting to meet the rising demand for EV charging infrastructure. We are here to give you an overview of the benefits you will receive after installing the Kazam EV charging station. This item is waterproof and has anti-theft properties. If it has been attempting to get stolen, you will receive notifications on your mobile phone. Aside from that, the firm provides a one-year replacement warranty. But first, you should be aware of the extensive benefits of the Kazam EV Charging station that you are about to acquire.

The Best EV Charging Stations: Kazam EV Chargers

Kazam manufactures appreciable chargers with all-weather functionality. It also allows you to generate money by placing it as a public charger, as they provide the kazam mobile application, which will ultimately help attract electric car owners to charge their vehicles. After you finish charging, a tiny amount of money will deduct from the driver's wallet, and your wallet will be credited. You may also check out the Kazam website, kazam. in, for additional information.



Kazam EV charger may use for a variety of applications, both commercial and personal. It is a 3.3 KW AC charger for charging electric bikes, electric rickshaws, electric autos, and electric automobiles. It is a charger that maintains an internet connection through a SIM card. Drivers of electric vehicles will use the kazam app to locate and charge their automobiles. After you finish charging, a small amount of money will deduct from the driver's wallet, and your wallet will be credited. Also, the rate at which one must sell the power will share by oneself. Furthermore, the smartphone app may use to track power use and revenue.

What are the main reasons to install a Kazam EV Charging Station?

Kazam provides you with the best charger with unique technical specifications:


1. A charger based on 2-G technology that is weatherproof.

2. Tamper-resistant, having a 67 IP rating

3. For user safety, a fuse and an MCB are incorporating, and the charger measures 30*15 cm.

4. A maximum voltage of 280 V is required, with a power rating of 3.3 KW/ 7KW.


What should you do to buy a Kazam EV Charger?

To get a kazam charger, follow these simple steps:

• Go to kazam.in and book your charger

• Kazam engineers will come to your location and install the charger

• After that, go to the kazam mobile app and add the electric charger set the rate, timings, and specify whether you are using it for personal or commercial purposes.

• The purchased charger will be published on Kazam's mobile app and Google Maps, allowing vehicles to find it.

What is the best feature Kazam EV Tech provides: The Kazam Mobile Application?

Kazam EV Charger has a mobile application that allows you to make money without putting more additional work. This software assists in attracting consumers to your charging station. You only need to follow the following steps to use the Kazam Application effectively:



Stage 1: Download the Kazam app.

To get started, go to the App Store or Google Play and download our app.

Stage 2: Fill in the blanks with your information.

Enter your phone number as well as a one-time secret word.

Stage 3: Find Your Charger > Scan the QR Code and Relax

Once you've found your nearest EV charger, go there, scan the QR code, attach your EV charger cable, and start charging your car.

Stage 4 - Take a look at the colours that are turning green.

When you start charging, the light of the electric charger will change from green to blue, indicating that the car is currently charging.

Stage 5 - The fifth and final step is to pay as you go.

Before starting the charging procedure for your electric vehicle, you must have a minimum balance (25 INR). Using the app, you may pay as you go directly from your wallet.


Want to get your EV Charging Station installed?

Installing an EV charging station does not necessitate a licence. A three-phase connection that can handle the load of your desired EV chargers is preferable. So, friends, I would love to suggest you purchase this product personally, so go to kazam.in today and install your charging station and start earning money from your home. Please contact Kazam EV right away!

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