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Launching of revolt in the Mumbai city, Maharashtra.
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Published on 19th Jan 21

Launching of revolt in the Mumbai city, Maharashtra

Revolt RV in Mumbai, Maharashtra : Availability of Electric Bikes

Revolt RV EV is India’s one of the best electric bikes. Revolt is India’s first smart electric bike. Revolt Motors startup founded by Micromax co-founder Rahul Sharma. This is the first electric bike revealed by him named a revolt RV 400. This bike is also known as India's first AI-enabled electric motorcycle. This bike has ultimate features that haven’t been seen before in our country. This bike is taking the highest place in the two-wheeler market place. This bike has three driving modes. They are Eco mode, Normal mode as well as Sport mode. The top speed of this bike ranges from 25kmph to 65kmph depending on the mode you have selected.

It is  available in different cities and planning to expand more.

Revolt Motors is already entered Mumbai Maharashtra with the launch of its RV400 and RV300 electric bikes on 30th August 2020. From November 2020, a bike delivery service has been started. The company is aiming to be present in as many as 30 major cities across India by the end of next year. Revolt Motors has also announced the launch of Revolt Hub in Mumbai in Andheri West. Prices for the Revolt RV400 and the RV300 remain the same for the Mumbai customers. Also In the Mumbai  Revolt RV400 will be available for Rs 3,999 per month that is to be paid for 38 months along with Rs 3,999 as a one-time booking amount on the website of their company.

Get amazing and quality service: Revolt RV EV

On the other hand, the RV300 will be available at Rs 2,999 per month that is to be paid for 36 months along with Rs 2,999 as a one-time booking amount on the website. The Revolt RV400 comes with a 3.24 kWh lithium-ion battery and the electric bike can reach a top speed of 85 kmph. The range offered on a single full charge is claimed at 150 km. In order to address the range anxiety of the customers, the battery on the Revolt RV400 and the RV300 is removable so that one can charge the battery at his or her home or office through a 15-ampere charger. The battery takes up to 4.5 hours to get completely charged.

Dealers of Revolt RV are available in Mumbai city.

The Revolt RV EV is available in Delhi, Pune, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Mumbai. Dealers and manufacturers putting as little effort as possible into selling electric bikes. They are giving the best experience to the customers by offering quality services. Dealers can be the bridge between the company and customers and will get a chance to maintain a good relation with the customers. 

India offers a wide variety of Electric Vehicle franchise opportunities.

In India, different franchise options are available to run a successful Electric Vehicle in the country. Joining hands with companies as a dealer brings with itself a number of opportunities for your business growth and future development. Electric bikes in India is garnering popularity by the hour. Battery-powered electric bikes are being recognized for their ease of travel and convenient charging. This will not only benefit us or the consumer but you, as a dealer will also be getting benefits and advantages of electric bike sales. In Mumbai, you will get a variety of dealer options if you are planning to buy Revolt RV.

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