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Latest news about Kazam Electric Vehicle charging station Provider
Varnika Jain
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Published on 10th Aug 21

Latest news about Kazam Electric Vehicle charging station Provider


Electric vehicles are superior technology to regular ICE engines and carry the potential of bringing staggering changes to the pilled-up environmental problems.

With EV making an advance, so is charging station infrastructure developing at an equivalent fast pace.
In this article, I’ll be putting forward the recent developments of Kazam. 

Kazam EV-Everything Electric

Kazam EV is bringing a revolution in the charging industry by introducing an affordable range of charges for all types of settings.  

New services of Kazam

To utilize the benefits, you need to install the Kazam EV application on your mobile phone. 

1. The benefits of Kazam chargers can be achieved, either as a regular user or as the owner.

A) For Normal User: You can easily access the neighbouring charging infrastructure that will be indicated on the Kazam application.

B) Owners: You should have enough space for an EV and a powering socket to plug the charger.

2. Once you finish the registration process, you’ll be shown live on the mobile application, and an EV user can juice their EV. The benefit of having Kazam chargers is that the person will charge EV at your decided rates.

Old services of Kazam


Kazam mobile application is available both in the App Store and Play Store. It is user-friendly and reliable.

For Kazam charger owner

The Kazam EV Charger owners will be able to do the following: connect the chargers to the mobile device, set up the rates, provide availability, obtain payments and check their history on the app.

For EV Driver

The EV pro drivers will be able to look up: the nearest EV charger, check its availability and rates before reaching the location, pay through the app wallet, and most importantly, access their vehicle charging history. You need not stress over charge assortment, as Kazam provides an inbuilt wallet.
Kazam Electric Vehicle chargers can charge an electric scooter, electric bike, electric car, electric cargo, and other electric vehicles.


Who are we?

Feel free to investigate, track down your fit - how you can help the country in improving as a spot to live. For more data like this, follow Kazam EV! We care for our ace EV customers and give them complete EV arrangements from range, monetary viewpoint, space worries to the battery, and charging equipment. Book your arrangement now! For extra data, visit Kazam EV at https://www.kazam.in/or send us a message at our social handles Kazam EV, and we will return to your kazamly!



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