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Komaki XGT KM v/s Ampere Magnus - Top Speed, Price, Specs, Image, Comparison and More
Shayma Shamim
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Published on 21st Feb 22

Komaki XGT KM v/s Ampere Magnus - Top Speed, Price, Specs, Image, Comparison and More

The electric scooter has become the new means of transport in urban areas, whether in addition to the car and public transport or as a mainstay. For walking around town, running errands, or for work, this two-wheeled electric vehicle has been widely adopted by city dwellers who are delighted with its simplicity and efficiency.

The advantages of an electric scooter in the city:

  • avoid endless traffic jams in big cities,
  • be independent of bus and metro timetables,
  • no longer looking for a place to park your car,
  • save fuel and parking.

On the other hand, caution is required on the road because you do not have "bodywork" like all two-wheelers. For daily use and as a main means of transport, Kazam advises you to opt for a scooter with good autonomy, a speed of 25-35 km/h, and is capable of climbing slopes easily. The electric scooter makes it possible to do without the car for short trips and to save time when traveling on foot. To ease your choice, Kazam makes a fair comparison between Komaki XGT KM and Ampere Magnus below. It will help you to choose the best scooter between these two as per your need and choice.

Komaki XGT KM and Ampere Magnus

The Komaki XGT KM gives you a sporty look with a design pattern similar to the Yamaha Ray-ZR and Honda Dio. The Komaki XGTKM is a user-friendly electric travel scooter for your daily commute within a city.

The Ampere Magnus is an affordable electric scooter inspired by the Ampere V48. The removable battery is located in the luggage compartment under the seat. However, the company still claims that the scooter can store a helmet.

Komaki XGT KM and Ampere Magnus-Design

Komaki XGT KM has an Overall Length of 1,820 mm, Overall Width of 670 mm, and an Overall Height of 1,100 mm. It has a big comfortable seat with storage of helmet+battery. XGT has a 1415mm wheelbase and it weighs approx 94 kgs. It comes in a contemporary design with a sleek body finish.


Unlike its cheaper line of range, Magnus uses a relatively streamlined approach to design. The result is slim shoulders and a pleated face for a more luxurious look. A thick headlamp is held in the front panel and a turn signal is attached directly to the front apron. The Ampere Magnus is 1920 mm long, 685 mm wide, and 1120 mm high. The wheelbase is 1390mm and the ground clearance is 147mm. It weighs 150 kgs maximum. Ampere Magnus comes with three color options: Metallic Red, Graphite Black, and Galactic Gray.

Komaki XGT KM and Ampere Magnus-Specs

It has a Telescopic Shock Absorber front suspension and Hydraulic Shock Absorber rear suspension. The Komaki XGT KM is equipped with a 60V motor. The Komaki XGT KM charges the 60V / 20-30Ah battery fully in 6-8 hours. It gives a range of 85 km per charge. It has a disc front brake and drums rear brake equipped with alloy wheels.

The Magnus is equipped with a 38.25 Ah removable 60V lithium battery that can be charged from a 5 amp wall outlet of your home or office. With a range of 121 km on a single charge, it offers drivers a comfortable ride at an affordable price, while powerful batteries deliver more power and better performance. It also offers best-in-class travel speeds of up to 53 km/h and a class-leading 1200 W motor. Magnus has different modes: economy mode and power mode. Its top speed is 25 km/hour.

Komaki XGT KM and Ampere Magnus-Features

Komaki XGT is equipped with various advanced features like an anti-theft alarm, digital odometer, digital speedometer, and digital trip meter. It has multiple sensors to give you a comfortable and efficient ride. Some other features include a smart dashboard, self diagnose, emergency repair switch, and much more.


In terms of hardware, the new Ampere Magnus features a collection of digital instruments that display important information such as mileage, battery level, and a digital odometer. Unlike the high-end class, scooters have LEDs lights in the headlights and taillights. It also has a keyless entry feature, anti-theft alarm, spacious seats, and 450mm of foot space. The new electric scooter will also feature large under-seat storage and standard lighting. For safety in the back seat, the scooter has a decent footrest and handlebars.

Komaki XGT KM and Ampere Magnus-Price

Komaki XGT KM has a price range of approximately Rs. 43,000.

Ampere Magnus has a price range of Rs. 49,999 - 73,990.

Wrapping Up

To choose the best electric scooter for your daily commute from the many models available, you have to ask yourself the right questions to define your needs. The more powerful the scooter, with good autonomy and comfort (shock absorbers, wheel size, saddle), the heavier it will be. Lighter scooters will be easier to use and more easily transportable but less powerful. Digital Dashboard in both the scooter above gives information such as speed, battery life, kilometers traveled, or even the speed mode. Both scooters above have a good lighting system. Ampere Magnus's top speed is 50 km while XGT has 85 km on a single charge. We hope this article will help you to choose a suitable scooter for your daily commute.

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