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Komaki SE v/s Ola Electric S1
Shayma Shamim
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Published on 22nd Dec 21

Komaki SE v/s Ola Electric S1

Initially intended for mountain outings, E-bikes are more and more widespread in cities. With their rechargeable battery and advanced features, bikes with electric motors are certainly heavier but more economical than traditional bikes. Their speed and the energy savings they represent are real assets in terms of urban mobility. As with all developing sectors, many models emerge each year to meet all requirements. Choosing among all these electric bikes can quickly become a real headache. We therefore analyzed, tested, and compared two electric bikes: Komaki SE and Ola Electric S1. We hope that this article will help you to choose between the two most anticipated bikes of the year.

Komaki SE

The Komaki SE is a new fast, attractive, and high-quality electric scooter from the Komaki range.

Komaki SE Design

The Komaki SE electric scooter has a streamlined body panel with an advanced modern design, with dual LED headlights, LED daytime running lights (DRLs), LED flashlights, and elegant LED tail lights. This bike also has a stylist rearview mirror to give you a clear image, a comfortable long seat, and attractive color options. Komaki SE is aimed at young buyers. The Komaki SE electric scooter can cover 100-120 km long distances on a single charge and has a removable lithium-ion battery. The Komaki SE has a color bar and a colored numeric bar along with a Bluetooth connection to make your journey worth remembering. The Komaki SE electric scooter is perfect for those who want to use a high-quality electric scooter with a fast and elegant look to reduce their carbon footprint.

Komaki SE Specification

The Komaki SE is a high-performance, high-speed electric scooter, powered by a wheel motor. It is equipped with a lithium-ion battery. The lithium-ion battery offers a removable battery configuration. The electric scooter Komaki SE is impressive for long distances and can travel between 100 and 120 km on a full charge. We can say that its range depends on the traffic areas. Braking operations are performed with the same front and rear disc brake positions, and the reversible braking system provides better control of braking operations and ensures safe driving. The Komaki SE electric scooter is equipped with stylish alloy wheels with tubular tires.


Komaki SE Features

It is equipped with a color dashboard and a fully digital instrument browser with a Bluetooth connection to display important information about the electric scooter, such as the speed, odometer, odometer, and battery low signal. In terms of safety, the front and rear wheels of the Komaki SE high-speed electric scooter are equipped with disc brakes and reversible brakes to improve driving safety. The new electric scooter has additional features such as an anti-theft alarm, parking and return assistance, in-car trip control, and a self-assessment switch.

Komaki SE Price

Its Ex-showroom Price is ₹ 96,000. You can choose between four color variants: Metallic Gold, Garnet Red, Deep Blue, and Jet Black.

Ola Electric S1

Ola S1 is an electric scooter with a starting price of Rs. 97 703 in India. You can choose from 2 styles up to 10 colors, with the highest style prices starting at Rs. 1.5 lakh. Ola S1 delivers an engine power of 5500 W. Ola S1 uses front and rear disc brakes and a combined braking system on all wheels. Ola Electric has launched the new S1 electric scooter in the Indian market. There are two models of Ola electric scooters: Ola S1 and Ola S1 Pro.

Ola Electric S1 Design

The two variants of the Ola scooter include dual headlights with DRL LED rings, elegant LED lighting mounted on the skirt, front fender in the same color as the body, curved side panels, tail lights and elegant LED. The design has been including an external charging point. The Ola electric scooter has 36 liters of storage space under the seat for two open-face helmets. The standard module has 5 color options and the Pro version has 10 options.

Ola Electric S1 Specification

The Ola Electric S1 is equipped with an IPM electric motor with a high peak power of 8.5 kW and a continuous power of 5.5 kW. The engine is powered by 2.98 kWh (S1) and 3.97 kWh (S1 Pro) batteries and has a range of 121 km and 181 km respectively. The top speed of the S1 can be up to 90 kilometers per hour and the top speed of the S1 Pro is 115 kilometers per hour. It takes 4 hours and 48 minutes to fully charge the S1 Electric Ola S1 and the S1pro can be fully charged in 6 hours and 30 minutes with a 750W portable charger. With a quick charger, an electric scooter can charge up to 75km in 18 minutes. The Electric Ola S1 uses a tubular frame with a front fork and a rear shock absorber. In terms of brakes, the electric scooter has a 280mm front disc brake and a 220mm rear disc brake, which combines a braking system.


Ola Electric S1 Features

The Ola electric scooter has multiple functions. Both models feature a full LED lighting system, a large 36-liter under-seat storage compartment, a TFT panel with a smartphone, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS. Other common custom features include side support and anti-theft alarms, geofencing, reverse mode, home mode, home lighting, emergency home mode, and more. The S1 Pro version also features mountain grip, voice assistance, and trip control.

Ola Electric S1 Price

Its price started from Rs. 99,999 in 10 stunning color variants including black, yellow, white, and so on.

Wrapping Up

As you read above, both the bikes have sleek and attractive designs with LED lights, elegant color options, a comfortable seat, and much more. The top speed for Kamoki SE is 85 kmph whereas the top speed of Ola S1 and Ola S1 Pro is 90 kmph and 115 kmph respectively. We have given you a fair comparison by explaining all the parameters that will help you to choose the ideal e-bike for your comfortable ride.

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