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Is it true that Kazam has completed 20,000 charging sessions for electric vehicles?
Shayma Shamim
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Published on 22nd Feb 22

Is it true that Kazam has completed 20,000 charging sessions for electric vehicles?

Have you heard that Kazam has completed 20,000 EV charging sessions? If you are still in doubt, let us confirm this news that yes! Kazam has successfully completed 20K charging sessions via its EV Charging Platform. But do you know what Kazam EV charging platform is, how it works, how they have done that? No, don't worry we will answer all your questions related to the EV charging platform and its uses.


About Kazam

Kazam EV is an agnostic EV charging software platform and EV charging solution provider company. It aims to create India's largest smart and affordable EV charging network with Kazam. Kazam has partnerships with fleets, CPOs, RWAs, and OEMs which make it possible for the company to create a robust charging network with over 3000 points on its platform. Kazam Charging Station is India's first IoT-based charging station. Kazam comes with a range of AC chargers that are most economical and reliable for you. It delivers a 3.3 KW IoT, SIM-based charger for your parking space, making your e-vehicle charging the easiest and fastest. With Kazam EV Charger, you will be able to charge your all-electric vehicles like e-cycle, e-bike, and e-car and run on the roads. It is designed with multiple features like waterproof, anti-theft features which give Kazam charger owners complete control over their device. The special thing is that by installing it like a public charger, anyone can earn money through it, in today's time when people want to earn from home, then it can prove to be a good source of your earning.

Kazam onboarded its 1st host in JP Nagar Bangalore in April 2021, till then the company has set up more than 3000+ charging stations all over India. By August 2021, Company launched 2 products which include Kazam 3.3 kW AC charging stations for home and destination charging. Then, the company launched Kazam Charging Management Software which will allow anyone to set up their own charging network without any software development hassle. Kazam EV has also achieved milestones like empanelment by Delhi Government for managing 30,000 units and partnership with top fleet operators of India.


About the founders

Vaibhav Tyagi and Akshay Shekhar are the founders of Kazam EV. Vaibhav Tyagi was a bright student of IIT Roorkee whereas, Akshay Shekhar graduated from the University of Pune and immediately opted for MBA at NITIE. Both met with each other when they worked together in PepsiCo and realized that both have the same vision and mission about e-mobility. Both worked together and founded Kazam EV in 2020 with a vision to be the leader in EV charging in India and beyond, leveraging our capabilities in software and hardware. They have a very clear goal to bring a seamless charging experience to the consumer, constantly enhancing the hardware and software solutions. By developing an EV ecosystem they have the aim to bring down the emissions up to 75%.

Kazam EV Charging Platform

Kazam Charging Station Management System (CMS) enables large-scale management of electric vehicle charging points through a software-as-a-service hosted in a private cloud. Kazam CMS is based on common standards to ensure ease of use and interoperability with a wide variety of kiosk brands and types. Compatible with different counter and back-office systems and various payment methods, it can easily be adapted to technological innovations, such as mobile payment solutions. It offers customers (energy retailers, transport companies, and other players in the field of electric vehicles) access to new markets and consumer groups. It also provides analytics so they can predict the effects of electric vehicles on their operations and infrastructure. One can set differential rates and manage all the users via Kazam Charging Platform.

Install All in One- Kazam EV Mobile Application

  • Download the App via Play Store or App Store
  • Fill in Your Credentials
  • Find the Nearest Charging Station
  • Drive there, Scan QR Code, and Start Charging
  • Charge your EV, go through Kazam Socials
  • Transfer amount through the in-app wallet
  • Congratulations! You are ready to go 
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