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Is it possible to charge an electric car at home?
Shayma Shamim
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Published on 23rd Nov 21

Is it possible to charge an electric car at home?

Anyone who has bought an electric car or is planning to take one is certainly thinking about how to recharge it from their home. As we all know, the cheapest rates are still the domestic ones, and the best way to save is to set up your own power outlet or other systems.


How to recharge your electric car at home

To recharge the battery of an electric car at home, you need an appropriately sized socket that is capable of withstanding even high loads for several hours, if the meter allows it. If you travel a few kilometres a day, you can recharge at home even using a simple portable charger on a line with a 3 kW meter. Before equipping ourselves with everything, it will be necessary to understand what power our meter has. If you have a garage and your socket is connected to the condominium system, try to bring a dedicated line from your direct meter, because otherwise, the consumption will fall on the condominium. The power that is sufficient for household appliances and other appliances must therefore also be shared with the car, thus risking exceeding the maximum energy supply limits of the meter. For these reasons, it is recommended to increase the maximum power delivered by your meter regardless of which supplier you have the contract with.

How to recharge the electric car in the garage

Charging the electric car at home is the cheapest solution. So if you have an electric car, for example with a battery between 50 and 60 kWh, you could divide the power between home and recharge during the night. With a power of 6 kW, reserving 1.5 kW for the normal management of an appliance and a few other utilities, at night it will be possible to give 4.5 kW to your car which is 10 hours and could receive maximum energy for the next trip.

How to recharge your electric car at home

With 6 kW of power at the meter, it is possible to charge a 50 kWh electric car battery from zero to full in about 12 hours (with a single-phase charging power of 4.5 kW (20 Ampere)) to travel in the day even 300 km. If the daily mileage is less, the advice is to charge energy for what you need. This extends the life of the batteries (the advice is to use them from 20% to 80%) and can be charged with reduced power. A 3 kW meter could also be enough if you travel 100 km during the day for which 15/18 kWh are necessary, exaggerating. Charging with a power of 10 Ampere (2.3 kW) takes 8/9 hours.

Top up at home or public charging stations?

It is generally always best to recharge at home. Not only because you spend much less, but also because by doing so, the batteries that last longer are preserved and the car has greater autonomy. It is for this simple reason that, in the first phase, the purchase of an electric car is especially advisable for those who already have a private recharge, at home or perhaps in the company they work for. Public DC recharges, on the other hand, are more useful for those who need to refuel faster. And offering powers from 50 kW and up, they are useful when travelling.


Challenges in installing home EV chargers

Mileage concerns are an obvious concern for EV users. High-density networks can reduce waiting times for electric vehicle drivers and reduce the hassle of driving an electric vehicle, but many challenges must be overcome for the high-density network to work. The biggest problem is the unavailability of land where drivers, especially trucks, can easily use EV chargers. Second, in metropolitan areas, basements and cellars are connected to the nearest public meters, so families living in big societies and apartment buildings are opposed to charging at home, with all the temporary problems, so it is impossible to accept an electric car. If not, only the right policies and decisions will help speed up the process of EV adoption.

Why choose Kazam EV chargers for your home?

  • With Kazam EV chargers you can comfortably protect your electric car against power surges and voltage fluctuation.
  • Kazam EV chargers ensure that the battery is charged safely and without any problems while sitting at your home. It also indicates once charging is done.
  • Help protect the environment by moving from traditional to green vehicles, non-renewable resources to green and affordable options.
  • The Kazam mobile app helps you monitor energy consumption by analyzing the electricity consumption in the process of charging an electric vehicle.

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