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India's Largest EV Charging Station has been installed in Gurgaon
Shayma Shamim
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Published on 10th Mar 22

India's Largest EV Charging Station has been installed in Gurgaon

India's ambitious aim is to see one million EVs on the road of the country by 2024 making India's EV sector one of the key areas on which the country is continuously working to develop. In order to do the same, the largest Electric Vehicle charging station has been launched in Sector 86 of Gurgaon. This EV charging station has been set up under the Ease of Doing Business Program conducted recently by the tech-piloting company Alektrify based in Gurgaon. Located in a prime location on the Jaipur-Delhi-Agra Expressway, this station has 121 four-wheeler charging ports.


About the charging Station

The station has 75 AC, 25 DC, and 21 hybrid charging slots that can charge 1,000 cars per day. At the beginning of this year, Alektrify opened the first electric vehicle charging station in Gurgaon's Sector 52, with 100 charging stations for four-wheelers. The AC chargers installed in this charging station can charge an EV in 6 hours and is capable of charging 4 EVs per day. There are 95 AC charging ports in the station which are capable of charging 570 vehicles daily. On the other hand, high-speed DC chargers can charge an electric vehicle in an hour and are capable of charging up to 24 vehicles per day. The charging station has 25 of these DC chargers, which can charge 600 electric vehicles per day. NHEV is looking forward to building two more stations in Noida for Delhi-Agra Expressway. The company aims to build an additional 30 EV charging stations on the highways within 90 days of the PSUs/private company allocation date.

Project Director of NHEV, Abhijeet Sinha: This EVCS prototype completed in just 30 days

Project Director of National Highway for Electric Vehicle (NHEV) and National Programme Director of Ease of Doing Business programme, Abhijeet Sinha in the event said, “Gurgaon Sector 86 EVCS is the second prototype station built in just 30 days after the Gurgaon Sector-52 electric vehicle charging station and we are working to set up two other stations on Delhi-Agra Highway EVCS sites in Noida within 60 days. This completes the process of a prototype of a large EVCS." He further added, "These charging stations, which compete commercially and technically have 72% consumption. Along with 1,000 car charging capacity in sector 86 and 576 cars charging capacity in Gurgaon Sector 52. The first installed prototypes prove that NHEV charging stations are well-equipped and demonstrate a powerful plan for electric vehicle infrastructure on Indian highways."


Sudhendu J. Sinha, NITI Aayog, Infrastructure Connection, and Electromobility Consultant said, "NHEV has set the record for building the largest station in 30 days. It also became one of the most profitable EVCS in the country, including battery swapping and other facilities to accelerate the adoption of EVs. Within just 30 days, I've witnessed one more NHEV station after the charging station opened in Sector 52 with a 72% usage rate and a 36-month breakeven period. I want to appreciate the work of the NHEV team for the successful installation of the second charging station and eagerly waiting for the future EVCS in Noida by NHEV."

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