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How will the installation of electric vehicle charging stations help you make money?
Shayma Shamim
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Published on 7th Dec 21

How will the installation of electric vehicle charging stations help you make money?

Having an electric vehicle charging station service today means providing a unique service. This makes your property more "appetizing" in the eyes of potential customers. It also increases visibility on holiday search web platforms. Even more, having a charging station means becoming part of a circuit of charging apps that is fundamental for customers. Those travelling by electric car know well how important it is to have accommodation facilities equipped with recharging points for electric vehicles along their journey. Very often the fundamental point that leads to the choice of a structure is the availability of a recharging point. For the owner of a structure, whether it is a hotel, a restaurant, a garage, and many others, the installation of electric columns can be a business opportunity even in a moment of crisis like this. It is also a way to earn a decent amount of money by just providing the charging station services to needy customers. Today, in this article we will learn how to make money from electric car charging stations by just simply installing them in your free space.


Where to install electric car charging stations?

Before heading towards how to make money from EVCS, let us tell you the places where you install an EVCS to earn money. It includes:

  • Shops
  • Parking slots
  • Malls
  • Restaurants
  • In societies

Why install electric car charging stations?

In particular, installing electric car charging points in your facility can offer countless advantages such as:

  • Attract and retain new customers
  • Reaching a large slice of consumers willing to spend higher than average amounts
  • Be able to benefit from national or state incentives like FAME II
  • Increase the competitiveness of the accommodation by innovating its proposals
  • Strengthen the image of your company.

Furthermore, for a minimum investment, any entrepreneur can receive important benefits in offering a recharging point in the company:

  1. Staff loyalty
  2. Innovation in services for customers and visitors
  3. Cutting-edge image

How to earn money from electric car charging stations?

  • By setting up charging station usage fees

When you charge your car at the charging station, they typically charge per minute, hour, or kilowatt fees depending on the usage of the charging station. Charging costs change over time depending on several factors. You can easily pay this fee via the Kazam Mobile App.

  • By acting as an advertising hub for several brands

We usually notice a lot of advertisements at Petrol Pump for which they charge a handsome amount of money, this is true in the case of the electric vehicle charging station as well. Some charging station providers do not charge fees for the usage of charging stations. Instead, they display ads, and their revenue is generated by the fees paid by brands.

  • You can make money from donations rather than charging the fees

There are a lot of people out there who donate for a good cause and as the Electric vehicle charging station helps in the adoption of electric vehicles and reduce pollution, people would love to donate for such a good cause for the environment.
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