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How to install Fast DC charging Stations for EV?
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Published on 5th Apr 21

How to install Fast DC charging Stations for EV?

With growing demands of electric vehicles, and rapid installations of charging stations, the question of how to install a DC fast Charging Station is in a buzz- and the answer is here.

With the demand for electric vehicles doubling in matter of 3 years, questions related to fast EV charging stations have increased significantly.

For the beginners guide; there are two types of charging stations available in the market

1.     AC charger

2.     DC charger

AC charging stations are your common go-to charging stations that you can encounter now at places like residential complexes, malls and business parks. An AC charger provides power to the on-board charger of the vehicle, converting that AC power to DC so as to enter the battery. The acceptance rate of the on-board charger varies by brand but is restricted for reasons of cost, space and weight. This means that counting on your vehicle it can take anywhere from four or five hours to over twelve hours to completely charge at Level 2.

 DC Fast Charging surpasses all of the restrictions of the on-board charger and required conversion, instead providing DC power on to the battery, charging speed has the potential to be greatly increased. Charging times are hooked in to the battery size and therefore the output of the dispenser, and other factors, but many vehicles are capable of getting an 80% charge in about or under an hour using most currently available DC fast chargers.

DC fast charging is important for top mileage/long distance driving and enormous fleets. the fast turnaround enables drivers to recharge during their day or on a little break as against being plugged in overnight, or for several hours, for a full charge.

Older vehicles had limitations that only allowed them to charge at 50kW on DC units (if they were ready to at all) but newer vehicles are now beginning which will accept up to 270kW. Because battery size has increased significantly since the primary EVs hit the market, DC chargers are getting progressively higher outputs to match – with some now being capable of up to 350kW.

Installing these Charging stations has proved to be a very relaxed and passive means of income with great Returns on Investments and currently requires no documents to begin with.

Now, how to get it installed at your place of interest is really simple, here are the steps involved after you have completed your research:


     1. Select location for your charging station

It is preferable for a EV charging Station to be at a place with good connectivity or a good footfall. Example, a spot outside shop, any parking lot, outside restaurants etc.

It is also recommended to select a space which has access to your electricity connection.

·    2.  Contact a Charging Station Manufacturing Company

It is of utmost importance that you contact a company that is pioneering in the field of EV charging station manufacturing, along with attributes like its review and recommendations, its offers, discounts (DC chargers are costlier than AC chargers) and the Services they offer.

·     3.  Review Specifications and policies

This step is to make sure you don’t fall into a trap where you are left with no after sales services, no warranties or guarantees, unless you pay for it. Some more things that a passive investor who is investing in charging stations needs to consider is the cost, hidden charges and setup; if it will be done by company or you have to source installation- do not go for such companies.

·       4.  Order or Pre-Book

Once you’ve done the above, you can buy or pre book your charging station, the rest of the work will be handled by the Company post this step. Generally, a DC charger takes 20 days to a month to be delivered. Post this, all you have to do is wait for you amazing DC fast Charging Stations.

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