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How Ola is building EVs to be ultra-affordable
Varnika Jain
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Published on 1st Aug 21

How Ola is building EVs to be ultra-affordable


The future of mobility relies wholly on electric vehicles. Several manufacturers have pitched in their efforts in this field and are even launching these electric mobility vehicles. The trend of electric cars is not limited to cars alone but has developed towards the two-wheeler segment.

One of the most prominent players in this two-wheeler electric vehicle field is Ola Electric.


In the year 2010, two IIT-Bombay graduates launched Ola. It made an exclusive entry in the transport sector, where people can book a rental car via the Ola application and can avail themselves of a cost-benefit ride. 

Ola Electric

Ola Electric was a vertical segment of the parent company Ola launched in the year 2017 with funding provided by Tiger India and Matrix India.
So in this article, our whole focus will be on Ola Electric and its mission of making EV Ultarafforable.

Recent Updates

Anand Shah co-founder and senior VP of Ola electric told the mint that the taxi aggregator is formulating new plans of action to make electric vehicles practical. On this model, they are planning to build a value chain where the vehicle manufacturer can manufacture their whole model and supply their fleet without a battery, which accounts for a total of 40% of the cost, leaving the final part of the battery on the specialist including swap stations.
Shah said that the ride-hailing company will need more capital to achieve its target of putting one million EVs on the roads by 2021.


Key outputs of the plan and what the founders believe?

  1. Ola electric is working towards making people believe in the model and providing them vehicles within an affordable range and a battery.
  2. Providing drivers with charging solutions, the company is still figuring out how to set up charging infrastructure on a large scale.
  3. They are focusing on achieving TCO(Total Cost of Operation) thus optimizing their lifetime. TCO is a blend of cost of energy and cost of the battery versus its life, the parts of the electric vehicle that could conceivably last more. So we are chipping away at the initial two regions while the OEMs are dealing with the third boundary.
  4. The company is planning to make EVs ultra-affordable by deploying battery-free EVs. This will include making installments for each battery trade and will have moderate energy costs, and that we do this with sensible (network) thickness to move trust on the lookout.
  5. The company is looking forward to expanding its fleet in the national capital region and Nagpur, they are looking at distributing charging solutions for two-wheelers.
  6. To achieve its 2021 goal, the company be requiring more capital.
  7. The only sub-milestone which the company is focusing on is bringing 10,000 EVs on-road by FY 2021.
  8. The company performed a pilot test on Nagpur, the test project showed us a lot of elements understanding what drivers and clients need, regardless of whether the items were sufficiently strong to deal with the unforgiving climate, every day charging time, the effect of high-velocity charging and others. So what we gained from Nagpur, we are multiplying down on that.
  9. The company believed in empowering that the public authority might want a jolt to occur. Still, it's anything but clear how the public domain expects to assist organizations with accomplishing that objective. Furthermore, the co-founder stated, "if you advise me to change over 2.5% of my armada into electric, it's anything but reasonable." belief
  10. The company learned from its Nagpur pilot test that people have less knowledge of electric vehicles and their battery performance.


Ola Electric is working towards an effective road ahead from the impending spending plan and the FAME 2 plan by keeping pace with the new strategies of the public authority and making individuals more mindful of the advantages of the electric vehicle.

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