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How can Micro Entrepreneurs use Kazam EV Charging Stations to expand their network?
Shayma Shamim
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Published on 21st Jan 22

How can Micro Entrepreneurs use Kazam EV Charging Stations to expand their network?

The microenterprise is an individual enterprise intended for small structures such as the auto-entrepreneur and micro-entrepreneur whose activity is capped and operation simplified. The creation of a micro-enterprise requires completing the formalities of a sole proprietorship. The micro-entrepreneur carries out his activity under a very precise statute: that of the micro-enterprise. By definition, it is an entrepreneur who falls under the micro regime in the social field and also on the fiscal level. Small companies, such as micro-enterprises, have to face greater difficulties, facing a highly competitive market dominated by very large companies. However, being part of this category of business has several advantages such as policies and financial aids. Various examples of Micro-Entrepreneurs are carpenters, shop owners, plumbers, small farmers, mechanics, vendors, and so on.


New opportunities for Micro Entrepreneurs

The use of electric cars is starting to become more popular today. The objectives of the government are particularly ambitious on the subject. The policies have come in reinforcement to boost the adoption of electric cars, their development will be undeniable. A Micro-Entrepreneur that decides to use the Kazam EV charging station for its business will benefit from a myriad of advantages. First of all, it reflects a more positive image of the brand, which is responsible, innovative, and attentive to its customers. This will help to expand your business among EV users or drivers. The public is particularly sensitive to environmental issues. By investing in the establishment of a public charging station, the microenterprise attracts the attention of its customers and can even target a new audience which eventually targets the new segment of the market. Microenterprises must contribute to the preservation of the ecology and they are often singled out on this point. To stand out, they, therefore, have an interest in showing concrete actions that are manifested by the installation of electric car terminals.

From a commercial point of view, having Kazam EV Chargers in one's car park contributes to the diversification of the small businesses' services and activities. It is indeed possible to make these Kazam Charging Station pay to derive a profit from them. Thanks to the positive experience he has had with Kazam Chargers, the customer will come back more regularly to take advantage of its service. This is a great way for a Micro-Entrepreneur to stand out from the competition. Moreover, when recharging their vehicle, the user will have to wait between thirty minutes to two hours depending on the power of the terminal. During this time, he will take the opportunity to do his shopping or take a look for the business, which increases enterprise sales and turnover more generally. By installing a charging station in their car park, enterprises are at the same time in tune with the new policies that are constantly evolving to promote electromobility in the country. Finally, making such an investment is also a way for microenterprises to take advantage of state or central aid.


Which charging station to choose?

The trickiest question is choosing the type of charging station to install. Several criteria must be taken into consideration, starting with the power. Given that the stations will be subject to intensive use and that users do not have much time to recharge the vehicle, it is advisable not to bet on low-power chargers such as those of 7.4 kW or 11 kW. These normal recharges are still quite slow compared to the needs of users who do not spend more than one to two hours in shopping centers. It is, therefore, preferable to turn to chargers of 22 kW or even 50 kW. A second criterion guiding the choice of chargers relates to the functionalities associated with the equipment. Ideally, it should be equipped with IoT-enabled chargers like Kazam Mini and Kazam 3.3, connectivity (wifi, 3G, or Bluetooth), an LED indicator, and so on.

Build your own charging network with Kazam CMS feature

Kazam Charging Management System (CMS) is an ideal solution for Charge Point operators, Charge Point Manufacturers, Residential & Commercial Properties, Electric Vehicle Fleets, and Developers. You can configure, manage and control all of your charging networks with a single dashboard.

You can:

  • Locate all your chargers in one place
  • Monitor charge point consumption and get real-time visibility of transactions
  • Create a custom mobile app or integrate it into an existing mobile app with our Kazam API integration platform.

To have a precise idea of ​​the cost of installation, requesting quotes from Kazam EV is essential. This approach is a way of creating competition between Micro-Entrepreneurs and thus bringing prices down while benefiting from a more qualitative service. The quote request can be done quickly online to get answers as soon as possible. It has the advantage of being fast and non-binding.

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