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Hero Electric Atria Vs Hero Electric Optima Comparison
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Published on 3rd Aug 21

Hero Electric Atria Vs Hero Electric Optima Comparison: Which Bike is Better?

Are you trying to decide which of these bikes or scooters to purchase? Here's a comparison of the Atria vs Optima so you can make an educated decision on which bike to buy in 2021. We have used the pricing, engine specifications, mileage, and features of these two-wheelers, to make this comparison.

Atria Vs Optima – Which model is Cheapest?

The Hero Electric Optima ex-showroom pricing in New Delhi starts at 51,440 and goes up to 78,640 for the fully-loaded variant. The base model of the Hero Electric Atria, on the other hand, begins at 63,640 in New Delhi.

Atria Vs Optima – Which gives Better Mileage?

The Hero Electric Optima basic engine is said to have a fuel economy of 50 km/full charge. The Hero Electric Atria base has a range of 85 kilometres per full charge.


Atria Vs Optima – Which Engine is More Efficient?

In terms of powertrain, the Hero Electric Optima has a bhp Electric engine, while on the other hand, the Hero Electric Atria has a bhp Electric engine.

Atria Vs Optima – Which has a better battery type?

Hero Electric Atria have a lithium-ion battery, while on the other hand, hero electric optima come with a lead-acid battery.


Atria Vs Optima – Which takes less time to charge?

Hero electric atria take only 4-5 hours to completely charge, even while compared to the 8-10 hours of charging.

Atria Vs Optima – Which one provides additional features?

The Hero Electric Optima includes more features than the Hero Electric Atria, including Y (HT Motor), Aerodynamic Style, PC Headlamp, Double Battery, Regenerative braking, Fancooled charging, and 2 Batteries.

Atria Vs Optima – Colours availability comparison?

Hero Electric Optima is available in 4 colours, i.e., Red, Grey, Blue and white and, four variants whereas, Hero Electric Atria is available in 2 colours, i.e., only Red and Grey and one variant.


So, from here, you can get a feel of the affordability rate of both future models and analysing their attributes, you can obtain a visual impression of their relative position. Now that you know which one is best for you, you can quickly make a purchase.

About Hero Electric?

Hero Electric is India's first and largest producer of electric two-wheelers, with hundreds of thousands of delighted customers. Late Mr Dayanand Munjal founded the brand HERO in 1956, intending to give mobility to millions of people in India. In the years that followed, the company expanded rapidly in the array of industries, including bicycles, motorcycles, and healthcare amidst others, became the most well-known and trusted brand in India and other parts of the world. After the family businesses had reorganised, Kross Bikes, Hero Exports, and Mediva became part of Hero EcoTech, a commercial conglomerate led by Mr. Vijay Munjal.

In the Indian Electric Two-Wheeler sector, HERO ELECTRIC is a pioneer and market leader. For more than a decade, India has been at the forefront of electric mobility. They believe in providing our customers with an environmentally friendly two-wheeler solution that, above all, provide exceptional value for money. Our Mission of "No Emission" supports Hero Electric's efforts to make the country greener by providing "Zero Pollution" transportation with its extensive selection of Electric Vehicles.

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