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Ford presents the F-150 Lightning
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Published on 27th May 21

Ford presents the F-150 Lightning

“Electric scooter, electric cars, electric bikes – now it’s the time for an electric truck !!” The revolution for the e-truck has started with the Ford F-150 Lighting in North America, flourishing with the success of electric trucks. Let us find all about the exciting F-150 Lightning.

Unleashing of Ford F-150 Lightning

Ford revealed the all-new F-150 electric vehicle which, the future of electric trucks. F-150 is Lightning has received 44.500 bookings within 48 hours and, the number is still going up. Telsa founder – Elon Musk has also appreciated the ford company for presenting the best lightning truck so far. The future lies in the brand-new Ford F-150 lightning truck for transportation and tourism in America.

About Ford

Ford Motor Company is an American Multinational automobile maker founded in 1903. Since then, the arrival of many automobiles has taken place successfully. It has given its best in sports cars, touring cars, CNG, etc. Now it’s time for the electric truck. F-150 Lightning has proved itself to be the most successful commercial-grade e-truck with its marvellous specifications and awestruck price.

History and The Pricing of F-150 Lightning

F-150 is a new look after 44 years. It was previously known as the SVT pickup truck, which was phased out in 2004. The new avatar rates 4.8 out of 5 as the most popular pickup truck. The pricing of Ford F-150 lightning is around USD 41,699. In India, it costs approx 30.5 Lakhs, which is a fair price for an electric pickup truck. But the expected price will be around 50 Lakhs in Delhi as ex-showroom price. Lightning is going for sale in 2022.

Key Specifications

The Ford F-150 Lightning comes with a front- and rear-mounted electric motor, combined 426hp (318 kilowatts) in the SR, the ER variant getting 563hp (420 kW) with a horsepower of 563. Torque of 775 pound-feet and ranges 230 miles per charge for standard. Hence, for the extending battery driving range of 300 miles. The F-150 Lightning comes with two lithium-ion battery pack options. Its characteristics cool new LED lighting and wheels. F-150 is available as a 5-seater with four doors and a payload capacity of 907Kgs. With having a payload of 5.5 feet. Storage capacity of 10000lbs(4535kgs) as the engine space is not getting increased.

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Additional Features

Apart from all of these exciting features, the first electric truck has a lot more to offer.

●     Right in the centre is the biggest, 15.5-inch touchscreen that allows access to know the features and apps which is made available.

●     Two types of onboard AC chargers will be available depending on the variant selected. Variants with the standard range battery will get a single charger of 11.3kW, while the ones with the extended range battery will get up to 19.2 kW, dual charger.

●     The F-150 Lightning with the standard range battery pack will be provided with an optional 48A house charger, which will charge the battery from 10 to 100 per cent in around 10 hours.

●     The F-150 Lightning has 11 outlets that are used to charge up your power tools at a worksite. There are four 120-volt outlets and one 240-volt outlet which is placed in the bed. The four other 120-volt outlets are equipped in the trunk.

●     Additionally, there are 10 USB ports. Should you lose power at your home? Well, it can even power your house if required with Ford Intelligent Backup Power for 3-10 days.

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Ford F-150 Lightning is going to launch in India in 2022. Experts say that this truck is going to be the best electric SUV truck for the upcoming challenging electric vehicles. And the marvellous Commercial grade e-truck in India. The fastest charging stations will be available all over India in the future for especially F-150.

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