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EVs are better than Petrol Cars- EVs versus Petrol Cars
Shubh Singh
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Published on 3rd Apr 21

EVs are better than Petrol Cars- EVs VS Petrol Cars

The world is getting increasingly interested and invested in Electric Vehicles(EV). For a sustainable environment, we cannot afford to ignore the phenomenon of Electric Vehicles.  According to research, electric vehicles are better for the environment, making them appropriate in this age of unparalleled carbon emissions and pollution. In fact, an EV in its lifetime emits lesser greenhouse gases and pollutants than its competitors- petrol or diesel cars. With the growing popularity of EVs, here are some detailed points that reflect the efficiency of EVs in comparison to Petrol cars:

1. Driving Electric Vehicles(EVs) is less harmful to our environment-

Despite not being a health-damaging gas, Carbon Dioxide is one of the primary causes of climate change. It is undoubtedly the biggest pollution threat to the environment. On an average, each of us are responsible for 12 tons of CO2 each year and approximately 1/3rd of that is produced due to driving. The fastest growing source of CO2  is Road Transport accounting for nearly a quarter of an average country’s emissions. Combusting a single litre of petrol releases 2.5kg of CO2. Basically, an average car running on petrol produces twice its own weight of CO2 per year. The only way to reduce these emissions is a shift from Petrol or Diesel cars to Electric Vehicles.

Electric cars can help us make the world cleaner and greener as they majorly contribute to improving the air quality. Pure electric cars do not produce any carbon emissions when driving, thus significantly reducing the overall air pollution. In fact, EVs produce negligible sound compared to petrol cars when driven. If you have a pet dog, they will love it. Who likes noisy machines, anyway? 

Manufacturing an EV requires a lot of energy and the emissions created during the same tend to be on the higher side. Electric cars run on Lithium Ion batteries, and the emissions are due to its production. However, on the brighter side, technological advancements will certainly reduce the amount of energy required. EVs are relatively new and so a lot of advancements can be expected in the next few years itself. 

2. Despite emissions during manufacture, EVs still remain a greener option-

Electric vehicles possess characteristics like higher efficiency, lower noise production and zero emissions while on road. They are well suited for urban environments. Research is also being actively done on the reuse and recycling of EVs. It is a growing market which is expected to make EVs greener than it already is!

EVs are a greener option

3. EV is the future. -

EVs are getting increasingly recognized and appreciated globally. PM Narendra Modi stressed on the need to electrify vehicles in the Global Mobility Summit held in New Delhi. He is expected to give EVs a much needed push in the automobile industry, just like many other leaders and significant personalities. The Government of India has already started the ‘Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Hybrid and Electric vehicles’ (FAME) scheme which provides incentives on the purchase of electric vehicles, as mentioned below:

-Rs 1,800 to 29,000 for scooters and motorcycles

-Rs 1.38 lakh for cars.

Furthermore, the Government of Karnataka has given a thumbs up to ‘Electric Vehicle and Energy Storage Policy’ in 2017. It is expected that other state governments will follow this trend and help EV get its deserved position in the automobile world. 

Conclusion- Better for the environment, Better for your pockets

It is a constantly evolving world and EVs are expected to be a game-changer in the automobile market. EVs are extremely economical in the long-run. EVs offer relief to our pockets. The cost of running an EV is so much lesser than a petrol or diesel alternative. The recent rise in petrol prices suggests that we are soon going to watch it cross the 100rs per litre threshold. The running cost of an EV comes down to an average of INR 1 per km. On the other hand, petrol cars run at a cost of INR 9 on an average. With the help of EVs, we can heal the environment, while saving our money. How great is that!

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