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Everything you need to know about Voge Electric Bike
Shayma Shamim
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Published on 21st May 21

Everything you need to know about Voge Electric Bike

The Voge ER10 electric motorcycle has perfectly captured the essence of urban electric mobility, looking towards a zero-emission future. The ER10 has been designed with only one goal: to satisfy the daily use needs of every user while without damaging the environment.

Its design has been optimized to the best; the area where a traditional tank would usually reside is intended for a comfortable load compartment, capable of stowing a demi jet helmet and equipped with two convenient USB sockets, which allow two devices to be recharged at the same time.

ER10 is perfect for exploring around the city, going to work. In the meantime, you can charge your phone, with the ease of recharging the battery with a convenient Schuko domestic socket, without having to carry any charger, since the charger is already integrated into the tail of the bike. 

It has a "Zero-Emission feature" for a 100% Urban vehicle.

The Design

ER10 moves smoothly and silently in city traffic, but it also knows how to amaze the driver accustomed to the roar of a traditional engine.

The style is gritty but clean, the front headlight, the position lights, and the front and rear direction indicators are full led; the instrument panel is LCD and includes total and partial odometer, speedometer, percentage of charging, and digital clock.

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The remaining battery life indicator is present in three different modes: bar graphs, in km, and in percentage that allows you to view the distance that can still be traveled with extreme ease.

ER10 meets the needs of every rider thanks to the two driving modes allowed,

ER10 has a three-button keyless key that also allows you to open the glovebox and search for your E-Bike from a distance. Thanks to the flashing feature at the front and rear direction indicators that reflects its position.

The ER10 is a single-seater and only requires an A1-B license: it is, therefore, perfect even for the most curious young people, who at only 16 can already drive it!

The Specifications

The ER10 engine is fully electric water-cooled with Voge technical specifications, capable of guaranteeing optimal torque and speed values ​​at all times and reducing vibrations, making the engine more fluid, regular, and efficient.

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The battery, produced by SinoEV, has a capacity of 3.7 kWh (59.2V and 62.4 Ah) and releases a maximum power of 8.9 kW (12.1 HP) at 3,550 rpm and maximum torque of 12.3 Nm at 4,660 rpm, allowing the bike to reach a maximum speed of 90 km / h and guaranteeing a maximum range of 100 km.

The battery weighing 30 kg requires 5 hours to complete charging, which can be easily carried out with a domestic socket, thanks to the 1.2 kW charger integrated into the vehicle tail.

World-Class Biking experience

The chassis is entrusted to a lightweight aluminium alloy frame and suspensions consisting of a 37 mm diameter telescopic front fork with 117 mm travel and rear mono-shock absorber with adjustable preload linkage and 58 mm travel.

The wheelbase of 1,410 mm, the curb weight of only 122 kg, and the seat height of 800 mm make the ER10 extremely light, easy to handle, and versatile: the ideal companion for the most curious rider.

The braking system, whose safety has been guaranteed by a dual-channel ABS, is a single disc with a two-piston calliper at the front and one at the rear with a diameter of 280 mm and 220 mm respectively. It is also entrusted to adjustable brake levers in aluminium directly machined from solid, and finally, the multi-spoke light-alloy rims are fitted with 110 / 70-17 "tires at the front and 140 / 60-17" at the rear.

Colours and prices

Voge ER-10 has been launched in the Italian market in the Sparkling Black colour with full green inserts at the list price of € 6,590.00 which is approximately 5.86 lakh INR. Although it looks like an expensive product, the Voge ER10 still has a lot to prove and is worth it for such a high price.

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