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Electric Vehicles - The Top 7 Pros and Cons
Ruchita Soni
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Published on 31st May 21

Electric Vehicles - The Top 7 Pros and Cons

What is an EV?

An electric vehicle (EV) may be a vehicle that uses one or more electric motors or traction motors for propulsion. An electrical vehicle could also be powered through a collector system by electricity from off-vehicle sources, or could also be self-contained with batteries, solar panels, fuel cells, or an electrical generator to convert fuel into electricity. The term EV is usually wont to ask an electrical car. Within the 21st century, EVs have seen a resurgence thanks to technological developments, and attention on renewable energy.

Pros and Cons of Electric Vehicle 

Putting the Environment FirstRange could be a drag
Budget-friendlyInaccessibility of Charging Stations
They're easier on the environmentRecharging can take a short time
Eligible for tax cutsGreater Manufacturing Costs
They can shorten your commute timeCould be expensive
Easy to worry forThere are fewer choices
They're very quietGovernment Policy

The Pros

The electric vehicle industry is consistently making technological progress. The EV has overcome its predecessor shortcomings and therefore the new models are better than the Bygone counterparts. You would like tons of reasons for the EV option.

• Putting the Environment First

Electric vehicles don't produce any emissions. This has made it easier for the country to suits its obligation to the Paris Climate Agreement. Electric mobility can go extended thanks to reducing pollution in urban areas. Electric motors are relatively quiet compared to IC engines. Thus, EVs even have the potential to deal with sound pollution.

Electric Vehicles,Top 7 Pros and Cons,EVs,Kazam

• Budget-Friendly

EVs nowadays became far more affordable than before. Additionally, the value of servicing, maintenance and maintenance of an electrical car has been reduced significantly. Since electricity is more economical than fuel, EVs are relatively effective needless to say.

• They’re easier on the environment.

For many motorists, simply knowing that electric vehicles are better for the environment is reason enough to take a position. EVs also don't have exhaust systems, meaning they need zero emissions. And since gas-powered vehicles are major contributors to the creation of greenhouse gas within the Earth's atmosphere, switching to an electrical car can contribute to cleaner air and a healthier planet.

• Eligible for Tax Cuts

In addition, the govt has also taken steps to encourage the utilization of electrical vehicles by lowering motor taxes. Similarly, the govt is trying to market sustainability by providing subsidies and other incentives on EVs.

• They can shorten your commute time.

Driving an EV means you're privileged to use the HOV lane (aka "carpool" lane) at any time of the day - albeit you're riding alone. If you reside in a neighborhood with high traffic, it not only saves you such a lot time but also an honest amount of purity. Talk about win-win.

Electric Vehicles,Top 7 Pros and Cons,EVs,Kazam

• Easy to worry for

EVs require much less maintenance than IC cars. The battery and motor don't require regular attention. There’ll be way less intermittent maintenance utilized in addition to less fluid.

• They’re very quiet.

If you reside next to a busy street or simply enter congested hour traffic, you recognize how traditional noisy cars are often, albeit it's the strength of small engines. On the opposite hand, EVs are practically silent. They’re so quiet, in fact, the U.S. Many legislators within the state have proposed the installation of noise-making devices to alert pedestrians that they're nearby.

The Cons

As much as we would like to be strong advocates of electrical mobility, we cannot ignore the challenges that accompany them. Take a glance at a number of the disadvantages of e-mobility.

• Range could be a drag

Unlike gas-powered vehicles, which usually accompany good mileage, electric vehicles have a comparatively short range. They’re best fitted to driving within the city and aren't suitable for long drives. Minor problems on highways or on country roads can become a significant problem. Additionally, the battery limit also will fall within the winter conditions.

• Inaccessibility of Charging Stations

Charging stations might not be available in the least locations you visit. In a country like India, there are vast stretches of rural land where you can't find any charging stations for your car. In such a situation, electrical mobility wouldn't be ideal for all locations and situations. Long-distance travel through suburban areas won't be possible in EV.

• Recharging can take a short time.

Recharging your EV may be a more significant time investment than the jiffy it takes to fill a standard car at a gasoline station. While most electric engines take about four hours to succeed in a full charge, some take 15 to twenty hours. However, there are kits available that allegedly cut the charging time in half.

Electric Vehicles,Top 7 Pros and Cons,EVs,Kazam

• Greater Manufacturing Costs

In India, higher production expenditures mostly come from using imported inputs. The autumn within the Indian rupee permanently meant that we might need to pay more to shop for inputs from abroad. With local production or by using techniques like 3D printing, these problems are often solved.

• Could be Expensive

Investments in R&D and technological breakthroughs have made it possible for several companies to supply their electric vehicle at affordable prices. Except for the overwhelming majority, EVs are still relatively expensive and can reduce initial investment by the customer. Again, a cut within the cost of production can go an extended way to find an answer to the present.

• There are fewer choices.

There is no denying that there is more sort of electric cars than ever before, and there's no indication that it'll stop growing, either. But the very fact is that when it involves the aesthetics of your EV, there's not the maximum amount to settle on from, especially once you can customize traditional vehicles. On the upside, this may certainly change as EV's trend is steadily increasing.

Electric Vehicles,Top 7 Pros and Cons,EVs,Kazam

• Government Policy

Lack of clarity in government policy can act as a hindrance to the expansion of this industry. Goods and repair tax is higher for electric vehicles. The govt should take better initiatives to advance the assembly and use of EVs.

The Future is here...

Everyone loves the established order. Electric manufacturers would need to go an additional mile to form people switch from regular cars to EVs. For EVs to be cars for people, it must be like what traditional fuel cars are used for people. The electrical car is everything a car with an indoor combustion engine should be and more.

Need to know more?

But EVs provide quite just personal benefits. EVs can help us with a greater sort of fuel options available for transportation. The US used about nine billion barrels of petroleum last year, two-thirds of which visited transportation. Our dependence on petroleum makes us susceptible to price increases and disruptions. EVs help mitigates this threat because most US electricity is produced from domestic sources, including coal, nuclear, gas, and renewable sources.

EVs can reduce emissions contributing to global climate change and haze, improve public health and reduce ecological damage. Charging your EVs on renewable energy like solar or wind reduces these emissions even further.

Who are we?

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