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Electric Vehicle Charging Station Project Report India
Shayma Shamim
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Published on 3rd Mar 22

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Project Report India

“The EV ecosystem in India is growing and expanding rapidly with a number of entrants trying to make their position in the EV charging and its infrastructure market. This report will help to set up reliable and affordable EV charging stations in collaboration with public and private stakeholders. It provides an end-to-end management approach to build a charging network," said Amitabh Kant, CEO of NITI Aayog.

NITI Aayog shared a report on policies and standards for state and local agencies to establish an electric vehicle charging network last year. The aim is to strengthen the charging infrastructure needed for the country's development of electric vehicles. Developed in collaboration with NITI Aayog, Ministry of Power, Science and Technology ministry, Institute of Energy Efficiency, and Global Resources of India, this report provides insights about the systematic approach towards the charging infrastructure development of electric vehicles. Authorities, Stakeholders, and those who are working in the same domain will design, coordinate and implement the planning of setting up the charging station with the help of the report.

It outlines the technical and regulatory framework and management structures required to enable EV charging stations. This report addresses the current scenario of the development of charging infrastructure and the needs of the EV industry as per the rapid transition happening in the industry. Switching to electric vehicles is a global strategy to combat climate change and India has shown a very ambitious goal in the EV industry. EV charging infrastructures will increase the energy demand from the grid.


Battery swapping has some distinct advantages over plug-in charging: Report

As we know that in the Union Budget 2022-23, the Union Finance Minister announced that the government would soon bring a Battery Swapping Policy. The advantage of the battery swapping facility will be that the problem of battery charging in Electric Vehicles (EVs) will be eliminated. The handbook will explain the advantages of Battery Swapping and explain its challenges like Lack of standardization among EV batteries, Greater number of batteries needed to power the same number of EVs, Higher costs of battery leasing over the life of the EV, and so on. The Road Transport and Highway Ministry has approved the sale and registration of battery-less electric vehicles, which has greatly improved battery replacement solutions. In addition, industry stakeholders are investing heavily in the development of rechargeable battery ecosystems. This suggests that battery replacement will be an unrivaled part of India's EV charging network for years to come.

One Charging Station at every 25 km on Highways

The ministry has set a national target for at least one charging infrastructure per 25 km in a grid of 3km x 3km on a highway, but it is up to the city or state transport hub to develop specific targets and plans according to their city. For semi-public charging, charging infrastructure shall be provided for EVs at 20% of all vehicle holding capacity/parking capacity at the premises. This report applies specifically to enforcement agencies such as local authorities within a city and focuses on regulatory measures that can simplify the charging infrastructure installation process.

Secretary in the Ministry of Power, Alok Kumar said, "The Department of Energy and the Department of Energy Efficiency (EEE), both India's leading agencies, are working closely with government agencies and DISCOM to eliminate the challenges in setting the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles across the country. With the growing share of renewable energy in India's energy mix, the pros in switching to electric vehicles are expected to become even more evident in the future. This report will help all agencies and private companies to expand the EV infrastructure across the country."

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