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Electric scooters 2020-21: fast acceptance of electric vehicles in the country
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Published on 11th Jan 21

Electric scooters: Best scooters to save your money

Electric scooters save your lots of money. There might be a slightly higher-than-normal purchase cost compared to traditional bicycles. Beyond the initial purchase, electric scooters are also relatively inexpensive to maintain, especially compared to automobiles and motorcycles. They are easy to maintain & manage. There is a higher number of consumers choosing electric scooters nowadays. In our country, petrol prices are increasing rapidly. So, there is an increase in the boost of sales of electric scooter.

With low prices, more features start using electric electric scooters.

In India, the prices of petrol are rising every day. air pollution is also increasing in the cities. The government is also putting efforts towards the fast acceptance of electric vehicles in the country. That’s why the Government has enforced the FAME-II subsidy structure for electric vehicles in the country and is planning to install as many public charging stations as possible through the next decade as the number of electric vehicles is increasing.

These are the best Electric scooters in India.

  • Bajaj Chetak

The Pune-based manufacturer is completely dedicated to working on the motorcycles and churned out great scooters after collaborating with KTM of Austria. Last year, Bajaj launched a scooter with the iconic name tag of Chetak. It was the company’s first electric scooter which was launched and it is absolutely stunning and popular. This is the most luxurious electric scooter in the country. The scooter is available in two variants Urbane and Premium with a price difference of just Rs 5000. Its related power is 3800 w and price is 1,15,000.

  • TVS iQube

TVS rolled out their own electric scooter iQube.  This electric scooter has an amazing design language. It gets a 4.5-kWh lithium-ion battery pack which is IP67 certified for being water-resistant. It has a large 4.5 kWh battery, the scooter runs for a meager 75 km in the Eco mode which is the downside of the iQube.

Okinawa ipraise & Hero photon.

  • Okinawa ipraise

It is one of the best electric scooters in India. Okinawa is an Indian brand which focuses only on electric scooters and iPraise is one of the coolest products. The “i” in the name suggests that this particular model is an intelligent version of the previous Praise model. The price of this scooter is 1,23,000 with a charging time of 4-hrs.

  • Hero Photon

As we know, Hero is India’s number one two-wheeler company. Hero Electric has many products in its line-up and Photon electric scooter is one of the best electric products of the company. In recent years, to keep up with the industry standards, Hero Electric has introduced lithium-ion batteries in their scooters. Hero Photon is best suited for young students and professionals as well as senior citizens as the electric scooter weighs in at just 87 kg which is quite light. Their segmentation is perfect for the upcoming market.

These are the top four electric scooters in India.


1. How to charge an electric scooter?

 You can charge electric scooter at your home from a 5A socket or from public charging stations.

2. How long does it take to charge an electric scooter’s battery?

 Most of the time, a typical electric scooter battery can be fully charged in about 4-5 hours from a regular 5A socket. If an electric scooter supports fast charging, then its battery can be charged to 80% in about 1.5 hours 

3.  What are the types of batteries used in electric scooters?

Most probably lithium-ion batteries are used in electric scooter. Also, there are some low-cost electric scooters that still use Lead-Acid batteries.

4. What is the approximate range of an electric scooter or scooter?

 The approximate range of an electric scooter is around 60-80 km on a single charge.

5. Are electric scooters suitable for hilly regions?

 Yes, modern high-performance electric scooters can be used in the hilly regions with ease. You can drive them easily there.

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