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Electric Scooter vs Petrol Scooter: Benefits for India
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Published on 23rd Jul 21

Electric Scooter vs Petrol Scooter: Benefits for India

There is a lot of misinformation or myths about the benefits of electric vehicles around everywhere. But it is right to debunk many myths and demonstrate how electric scooters provide significant social and societal benefits in India.

How is it Beneficial for India?

Air Pollution

• An electric scooter is powered by an electric motor that draws power from a charged battery. It is devoid of a tailpipe. As a result, there are no local emissions. On the other hand, a petrol scooter emits a mixture of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and particulate matter. The gasoline scooter is inferior for the air quality in our cities. •

• An electric scooter is fantastic for improving the air quality in our cities. Many of you have known about electric vehicles' long tailpipes, and coal is a vital source of electricity generation in India. But you must all understand this. Independent scientific studies show that even if all electricity generated from coal, EVs emit 50% less carbon dioxide due to the efficiency of the electric motor.

• India's renewable energy mix is already at 38% and will rise over the next decade. Your EV will become cleaner over time. Solar energy can now use to power your EV and achieve zero emissions.

• A petrol scooter does not have the option of being powered by solar energy. Petrol scooters are ultimately unsustainable. Every 17-year-old guy receives a gasoline scooter. Like millions of us, we are putting to our highways and cities, and they are modifying into gas chambers that cannot sustain.


Noise Pollution

• There is a lot of noise coming from this petrol scooter. Just listen to the sounds we make when we start one of our petrol scooters. It's a disaster. You can listen to the wind and birds when you commence an electric scooter!

• As you can see, just one petrol scooter has made a lot of noise. And there are millions of them on our highways. There would have been less stress on the roads if all of these scooters were electric.

Reduce the importing billions of oil litres

• A petrol scooter uses gasoline. Petrol and crude oil are importing from countries other than India. Over 6-7 years, a single petrol scooter consumes more than 2500 litres of oil, and there are millions of such scooters on the road. All this puts a strain on the Indian economy because we must import billions of litres of oil each year.

• On the other hand, an electric scooter is powered by a battery, which consumes electricity. India produces electricity. This scooter's electricity made in India, and electricity production can scale up to greater levels. In other words, India has control over the fuel, and by not using petrol scooters, the country will avoid importing billions of litres of oil each year.

Recycling Batteries: No produce of wastes

We're all aware that the batteries on these scooters are Lithium-ion. There is increasing concern regarding batteries and worry if, as we transition to electric cars, India will become reliant on imported lithium in the same way we rely on oil. The answer is NO, at least not on the same scale as oil. There is no need to visit a "Lithium Pump" every week to recharge our batteries! In addition, India has the infrastructure to recycle lithium batteries to manufacture lithium-based products and businesses to recycle the batteries.

Advance technology

• It's also worth noting that several promising battery research initiatives underway, such as Al-Air batteries and Sodium-Ion batteries. So battery technology is advancing, and your electric scooter will continue to evolve and improve.

• And, finally, are electric scooters manufactured in India? The big day isn't far away. Several companies like Mahindra Electric, Ather, Ola Electric, and the e-Rickshaw industry have already localised EVs to a large extent.

Self-reliant technology

When it comes to manufacturing in India, the electric vehicle industry is well ahead of the pharmaceutical, solar, mobile phone, and consumer electronics industries which have traditionally been heavily reliant on China. China also provides engine transmission, alloys, plastics, and electronics for ICE scooters and motorbikes.


What is in for You?

Higher riding experience:

Finally, an electric scooter offers a higher riding experience with a silent vibration-free ride and speedy torque, making them far more enjoyable to ride than petrol scooters. Petrol scooters offer poor acceleration and arid riding quality, with vibrations and noise.

Saving money opportunity:

You can save a lot of money, as demonstrated in our money saver comparison essay and video.

No need to the gas station:

You may charge your electric vehicle's battery at home or work. You don't have to travel to a stinky gas station. You can't put a price on the happiness and positive feelings that will accompany you when you use an EV!

Final Thoughts

Are you surprised yet?

Don't get taken in by misleading propaganda. EVs provide societal advantages to everybody. Why not make a difference? So, make a promise to guarantee that your next scooter is electric, and let's work together to assist India to achieve independence.


Need to know more?

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