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Electric cars are safe or not | Kazam
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Published on 7th Jan 21

Electric cars are safe or not | Kazam

Safety of electric cars: Security and maintenance.

Electric cars easy to maintain and safe as conventional vehicles. In India, companies are growing the production of electric cars and also ensuring that they are safer to use. India is at the center of an electric revolution in terms of mobility with the central and several state governments determined to roll out the red carpet for EVs. As per the reports, 2030 is going to be the year where there will be only electric vehicles.

Electric vehicles are as safe and easy to maintain as conventional vehicles.

Electric vehicles (also known as  EVs) are as safe and easy to maintain as conventional vehicles. Sometimes, driving habits and situations may impact the driving, operations, and vehicle range. But overall the results of its safety are good. Also, the passenger injuries in crashes involving electric vehicles are actually slightly lower, meaning that they are safer to passengers than those involving vehicles with gasoline and diesel engines. There are no bad results from these crashes. High voltage electrical system’s personal training, protective equipment, and safety measures should be there to ensure the safety of people who are working on the floor.

Employees should get proper training as to safety measures

The several electric vehicle features can improve safety. EVs tend to have a lower center of gravity that makes them less likely to roll over. Electric currents more than 0.5 mA in AC voltage and more than 2 mA in DC voltage can cause the injury. As working on the high voltage is risky as per the conditions. To take precautions, employees working on EV’s should get appropriate training as well as should get access to PPE kits.

Electric vehicles can harm health.

Electric cars can increase the risk of cancer and other health problems. EVs should undergo safety testing and meet the same safety standards required for conventional vehicles. They should have a high quality of batteries to avoid accidents like an electric shock and other problems which can cause harm to people and workers. In addition, EVs tend to have a lower center of gravity than conventional vehicles, making them less likely to roll over and often improving ride quality.

Best safety rated electric cars 2020.

There is one safety concern specific to EVs is their silent operation which is pedestrians may be less likely to hear an EV than a conventional vehicle. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is studying ways to address this issue, such as requiring EVs to emit audible sounds at low speeds. This option is already available on many EVs, including the Chevrolet Volt and Nissan Leaf. In any case, you should use extra caution when driving your EV in pedestrian areas.

Here is the list of best safety-rated electric Cars

  •  Tesla Model X. 
  •  Subaru Crosstrek. 
  •  Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV. 
  •  Chevrolet Volt.
  •  Volvo XC90. 
  •  Mercedes-Benz GLC. 
  •  Chevrolet Bolt EV. 

These cars are rated as the best electric cars as per safety and security.

Electric vehicles are safer than ICE vehicles due to the lower flammability of Li-ion batteries. The liquid electrolyte in battery cells can overheat with prolonged exposure to defective voltage regulators, alternators, or the improper use of chargers which should be checked from time to time. Thermal runaway can occur leading to fire so proper security of it should be taken.


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