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eBikeGo Rugged Electric Moto-Scooter Launched; Prices Begin At ₹ 79,999
Samiksha Patil
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Published on 7th Sep 21

eBikeGo Rugged Electric Moto-Scooter Launched; Prices Begin At ₹ 79,999

India has a rising number of Electric vehicles and specifically e-scooters. India has around 128 electric scooters currently on sale from various manufacturers and many lines up for its launch. That is when an Indian leading bike rental eBikeGo announced its 1st ever Electric scooter eBikeGo Rugged.

Launched on 25th August 2021, the eBikeGo Rugged is price starts at Rs 79,999 and is likely to cost less expelling out the incentives and tax benefits provided by the states. The scooter delivery is expected by November 2021. eBikeGo has commenced the pre-booking of Rugged on its official website: https://ebikego.com/ Customers can reserve one for themselves on the official website for Rs 499.



More about the bike

The bike is designed from an Indian aspect and is well-suited for the cities. eBikeGo Rugged offers 2 variants, the Rugged G1 and G1+ sturdy, priced at Rs 79,999 and Rs 99,999 respectively.

The bike provides a range of 160kmonce charged. Two 2KWh easily swappable batteries without the driver dismounting. 3kW motor offering a top speed of 70kmph, decent enough for models on the urban-use spectrum. The batteries are fully charged in under 3.5hours. 30L storage capacity. The bikes also offer the most advanced 2kW IoT system in the current market. The scooter has a supporting app that can unlock the scooter. And the anti-theft technology. The bike has a 7-year warranty on the chassis.


Official statement

Irfan Khan, Founder & CEO of eBikeGo said “We are extremely happy to announce the launch of ‘RUGGED,’ India’s most sustainable, intelligent, and sturdy electric moto-scooter, after significant study and a three-year wait. It is designed entirely for Indian roads, with 2 x 2 kWh swappable batteries and advanced sensors. RUGGED is also India’s first indigenously manufactured hub motor. We at eBikeGo are ecstatic to announce the debut of ‘Rugged,’ which will change the face of e-mobility in India and push the limits of innovation in the electric bike category.”


More about the company

eBikeGo was founded by Irfan Khan in the year 2019. Initially rented self-driving Electric 2-wheelers in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Jaipur, Pune, Hyderabad, and Amritsar. They have a till date record of 2000+ eBikes in the Fleet, 120Kkm Daily Commute, and 5.6Kkg of CO2 Emissions saved.

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