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Detel EV Easy Plus V/S Avon E-Plus
Varnika Jain
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Published on 4th Aug 21

Detel EV Easy Plus V/S Avon E-Plus

In this article, we’ll be conducting a review of the two most demanded two-wheeler EVs in the market: Delta EV Plus V/S Avon E-Plus. Every important aspect of two EVs is mentioned in this article below. Let’s roll the intro!

Detel EV Easy Plus

EV is a homegrown startup dealing in a variety of electronic pieces of equipment. Ranges from Television sets to Mobile phones accessories. On Friday, the company announced the arrival of its first EV model named Detel EV Easy Plus. Detel India aims to promote electric mobility at an affordable range targeting tier II and tier III cities with both urban and rural populations.

The Indian company has also planned on providing a token of appreciation to people for valuable purchases and their contribution to the environment will be showcased.

Detel EV is a part of a startup ‘Detel Decarbonize India’ initiative held in Mumbai and was last month showed at the Indian Auto Show 2021.


Technical Qualification of Detel EV Easy Plus

  1. Detel Easy Plus gets a 250W motor power paired with a 20Ah Lithium-ion Battery.
  2. Detel Easy Plus takes a total of 4-5 hours to charge 100%.
  3. The claimed range is 60 Km/Charge.
  4. Get a top speed of 25 kmph can be attained.
  5. The EV comes with a powder-coated body of Alloy.
  6. Additional features of the EV are a digital instrument panel, tubeless tyres, drum brakes, and pedals.
  7. A Load bearing capacity is up to 170 Kg.
  8. The scooter comes in four different variants: Metallic Yellow, Metallic Red, Metallic Black, Gunmetal, and Pearl White.
  9. A warranty of one year on the scooter and two years on the battery is provided.
  10. The on-road price of the scooter is 39,999, and customers can additionally make a prepaid booking by just giving 1,999 in advance.

Avon E-Plus

Avon E-Plus is an Indian manufactured EV two-wheeler with a showroom price of 25,000( INR).


Technical qualifications of Avon E-Plus

  1. Avon E-Plus gets the power of a 220W motor paired with a 12Ah Lithium-ion battery.
  2. Avon E-Plus takes a total of 4-8 hours to charge 100%.
  3. Avon E-Plus has a BLDC motor type.
  4. Get a top speed of 24 kmph can be attained.
  5. The claimed range is 50 Km/Charge.
  6. Additional features of the bike are hub drive motor type, cruise control, halogen headlight, turn signal lamp, tail light, and a VRLA battery type.
  7. A Load bearing capacity is up to 80 Kg.
  8. Avon E-plus is available only in one variant.


India’s road towards development is being made concretely strong by the availability of these brands on the road. These brands not only target the mobility process but helps in maintaining an equitable distribution of all comforts to every human.

Who are we?

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