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Delhi government to provide subsidies on Electric Vehicle
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Published on 9th Feb 21

Delhi Government Subsidy for EVs

Electric vehicles have the potential to reshape the transportation sector in India, drastically cutting carbon emissions and clearing the way for significant climate progress.

In an attempt to encourage the adoption of e-mobility, chief minister Arvind Kejriwal has launched the“Switch Delhi” an electric vehicle mass awareness campaign that aims to create a state of consciousness among the people about the benefits of electric vehicles and how they can contribute to making Delhi clean and pollution-free which will replace petrol and diesel driven vehicles that are one of the main sources of pollution in Delhi.

Are you thinking to take one of the electric vehicles home? We have some great piece of information for you. The government’s comprehensive policy aims to push the adoption of the e-vehicles by creating a complete EV ecosystem in the capital city, which includes incentives for buying new EVs, creating a hassle-free charging infrastructure, funding through various sources like congestion charge and monitoring mechanism for timely implementation.


With Delhi being the first in the country to promote electric vehicles, the government is offering a wavier on registration fee and road tax for EV, scrapping incentives for EVs, and low-interest loans on buying an  EV. Apart from that, citizens of Delhi can avail of a subsidy of up to Rs 30,000 on two-wheelers, up to Rs 1.5 lakh on electric cars, up to Rs 30,000 on three-wheelers, and up to Rs 30,000 on freight vehicles. From your personal use to commercial use, everything has been taken care of under the Delhi EV policy.

As of now, the Delhi Government hasn’t announced any scrapping incentive on electric cars, but almost all two-wheelers are offered a scrapping incentive of Rs 5000. People living in Delhi can buy their electric two-wheelers from OEMs like Hero Electric, Revolt, Ampere, Okinawa, and a few more and can avail of the scrapping incentive.


Rather than being refueled at a typical gas station, electric vehicles must be charged at electrical outlets to run. With that being said, charging is the most crucial part of buying an EV.

Keeping this in mind the Arvind Kejriwal government has levitated the nation's biggest tender to install 100 charging stations for EV’s across the capital city. Each charging station will have 5 charging points, which makes a total count of 500 charging stations in Delhi itself so that EVs can be charged outside the home too. There will be a mandate for a minimum of 20 percent slow chargers and 10 percent fast chargers at charging stations to cater to all kinds of EVs. The majority of these sites will be at metro stations and DTS bus depots. The estimated timeline to complete the project is one year, said Delhi power minister Satyendar Jain.

Apart from this announcement, you can also use the charging stations being offered at the dealership from where you purchase your EV. Also, No license is required for setting up private EV charging stations, as per the government rules.

According to the Delhi government, the upcoming charging stations will be set almost 3 km apart from each other to make them more accessible.

Under the electric vehicle policy of the Delhi government launched in August last year, electric vehicles are targeted to compromise 25 percent of the total vehicle registrations in the capital city.

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