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Delhi EV subsidy: Subsidy for the electric cars by Delhi government
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Published on 19th Jan 21

Delhi EV subsidy: Subsidy for the electric cars by Delhi government

It’s high time to save nature and go electric!

In India, Delhi is going to be the first who is promoting electric vehicles via this new policy. The Delhi government has decided to offer subsidies in an effort to promote sales in the capital. The Delhi EV Policy offers a battery-capacity linked subsidy of ₹5,000/kWh. For the electrical two-wheeler purchase, they are offering ₹30,000. As well as for electric four-wheelers, the policy offers a subsidy of up to 1.5 lakh!

 Customers will get the purchase incentives

During the purchase, if the customer offers to scrap out an old internal combustion engine they will get incentives from the government. Government using this strategy to encourage more electric vehicles purchase. the Delhi government has also decided to establish a network of 200 charging stations for the boost the use of these vehicles.

Delhi  EV subsidies: To reduce pollution as well as create multiple job opportunities within the capital.

One of the great initiative taken by the Delhi government to save our nature and country from pollution. This was the main purpose behind launching this policy.  Delhi government has also decided to establish a state EV board. An electric vehicle cell will be put in place to ensure efficiency and will be chaired by the Minister Of Transport. A state EV Fund is also going to be set up to help finance this policy under this process.

What is the main purpose behind these Delhi EV subsidies?

Delhi EV policy was launched by CM Arvind Kejriwal on August 7. Delhi government is going to provide subsidy up to Rs 30,000 for two-wheelers and up to Rs 1.5 lakh for cars to promote faster adoption of EVs. They are doing as a part of promotional activity. People who have bought an EV on/after August 7 are eligible for a subsidy and other incentives from the government.

  • To save the environment and pollution.
  • To boost the sale of electric vehicles and make people aware of it.

These companies will get benefits from the EV’s,

  • Tesla 
  • Nio 
  • Nikola Motors 
  • Arcimoto 
  • Kandi Technologies 

The EV policy process is easy and convenient!

 The entire approval and disbursement process is online, paperless, and will be completed within three days. The process is well planned and completes within a particular time slot. A state EV Fund is also going to be set up to help finance this policy. As per the research, only 6% of automobiles sold in the country and by 2030 will be electric, according to the new global EV outlook by research firm BloombergNEF. This will be the most amazing thing in the coming years.

How to get a subsidy for your electric vehicle?

To receive a subsidy under FAME-India, electric two-wheeler makers must source more than 50% of the components locally and then get eligibility certificates from vehicle testing agencies. The benefits are limited to vehicles equipped with lithium-ion batteries. This is the way to get a subsidy for your EV.

Delhi’s government took this awesome initiative for the future of our pollution-free country. As per the report, electric vehicles (EVs) will hit 10% of global passenger vehicle sales in 2025, with that number rising to 28% in 2030 and 58% in 2040. EV will take a large marketplace in the coming years. There is also a scrappage policy that comes alongside the new EV policy. A purchase incentive will be given if a customer offers to scrap out an old internal combustion engine with their EV purchase. This will encourage people to buy more EVs in the future. According to the government, this EV policy will be a huge step for increased EV registration for the city.

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