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Best e-bikes in Bhubaneshwar
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Published on 9th Feb 21

Best e-bikes in Bhubaneshwar 

It is evident that there is an exponential demand for e-vehicle purchases. We have curated a list of best electric bikes available in Bhubaneshwar to help readers with a plethora of options available in the market.

Revolt RV 400 

Revolt RV400 is the country’s first AI-enabled electric motorcycle. Its structure resembles that of petrol bikes which consist of a muscular tank and extensions. It is a commuter bike available at a starting price of Rs. 1,29,463 in India. It is available in 2 variants and 2 colours with top variant price starting from Rs. 1,47,963. It generates 3000 W power from its motor. With both front and rear disc brakes, comes up with a combined braking system of both wheels.

The bike comes equipped with three modes- Eco, Normal and Sport and the range depends on which mode the bike is in. The Sport mode propels the bike to a top speed of 85kmph and offers a range of 90km while the City mode offers a 120km range the speed is up to 65kmph. If riding in the Eco mode in which the bike can go to 45kmph, the RV400 has a range of 156km.

The company offers a ‘Delivery on Demand’ feature which enables the user to have a fully-charged battery delivered to their specified location. The Revolt is offering the RV400 with an onboard charger, portable battery charger and will soon set up battery swapping stations, to be known as Switch Stations.

Avg. showroom price -₹ 1,29,463

EMI  ₹ 4,556/month

Bajaj Chetak 

Bajaj Chetak is a scooter available at a starting price of Rs. 1,00,000. It generates 3800 W power from its motor with an electronically assisted braking system. Also, it packs fully-digital Bluetooth-enabled instrumentation that comes with a host of features.

 Bajaj Chetak draws its power from a 3kWh IP67 rated lithium-ion battery. The power rating of its motor is 4kW (peak) and 3.8kW (continuous) with 16Nm of peak torque. The powertrain comes with two drive modes — Sport and Eco, which are capable of returning a range of 95km and 85km, respectively. Besides that, Bajaj has equipped the e-scooter with several innovative features like a reverse assist mode, regenerative braking and an onboard Intelligent Battery Management System (IBMS) to control charge and discharge seamlessly.

Bajaj offers the Chetak electric scooter in two variants, Urbane and Premium with 6 colour options white, pink, black, yellow, red and blue.

Avg. Ex-showroom price -₹ 1,00,000

Hero Electric Optima 

Hero Electric Optima is an eco-friendly electric scooter made by Hero Electric. Hero offers the Optima in four variants, Optima LA and Optima LI in the Low-Speed Series and the Optima E5 and the Optima ER in the High-Speed Series.

Hero Electric Optima generates 550 W power from its motor. With both front and rear drum brakes, Hero Electric Optima comes up with a combined braking system of both wheels.

Avg. Ex-showroom price-₹ 46,531

EMI  ₹ 1,515/month

Ather 450X

The Ather 450X is one of the fastest scooters in India because it is equipped with a bigger motor and battery which helps with better top speed and acceleration. But this e-scooter is available only in few cities and is also priced quite high.

Avg. Ex-showroom price-₹ 1,41,607

EMI  ₹ 5,093/month

TVs iQube 

TVS iQube generates 3000 W power from its motor. TVS iQube comes up with front disc and rear drum brakes. It has a roomy seat, spacious footboard, large under-seat storage compartment and luggage hooks. It also gets an under-seat USB charging socket for charging the electronics devices. It works on three lithium-ion batteries which collectively have a power rating of 2.25kWh. It fully charges in around five hours, the range stands at 75kms. TVS claims it can achieve a top speed of 40kmph in Eco mode and 78kmph in Sport mode while the 0-40kmph acceleration time is 4.2 seconds.

avg. Ex-showroom price-₹ 1,30,679

EMI  ₹ 4,841/month

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