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Avon E Plus VS Avon E Lite
Shayma Shamim
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Published on 23rd Mar 22

Avon E Plus VS Avon E Lite

Are you confused between buying Avon E Plus with Avon E Lite? Thinking which one suits best to your needs and will fall under your budget?

We have come again with another exciting review to help you choose between the two. If we talk about the basic version of Avon E-light, its price is 28 thousand rupees. But the Avon E Plus is 3000 rupees cheaper than the E Light. The base version of the Avon E Plus costs 25 thousand rupees. Check out a detailed comparison of the two models below, depending on dimensions, safety, comfort, and range.

Avon E Plus

Avon E-Plus looks like a combined design of an electric scooter and a bicycle. Electric bicycles use alloy wheels with a sleek look. It has three driving modes: electric, manual and auxiliary, and is fitted with 3-blade alloy wheels. This electric bike is suitable for children aged 12-16.

Avon E Plus Design

The Avon E-Plus is equipped with elegant headlights to make this e-ike look more attractive. With a glove box and a face basket, drivers can easily carry out their daily work. Separate driver and rear seats are available. The double mirrors fit perfectly on the handlebars. For the rear, there are great multi-layered fender and tail lights. In addition, it is equipped with a rearguard to ensure the safety of the rear seat. E-bikes have a simple editor with status on/off, speed, indicator lights, and more. Avon E-Plus can carry up to 80 kg which is considered a decent load capacity for any bike of this range.


Avon E Plus Performance

The Avon E-Plus is equipped with a 230W motor with a 48V, 12Ah rechargeable battery which needs low maintenance. The battery can be charged with a 220V / 48VDC AC charger and takes 6 to 8 hours to fully charge. With this setting, the top speed can reach 24 kilometers per hour and travel 50 kilometers for one price. In addition, this e-bike can be ridden in three different positions: electric, motor, and crankset. The Avon E-Plus uses sticky tires for reliable traction. The front is equipped with a very reliable and durable drum brake, which provides sufficient braking power. In addition, the front and rear are equipped with spring-loaded shock absorbers for a comfortable ride.

Avon E Plus Features

The Avon E-Plus is equipped with elegant headlights for good visibility at night, even in the dark. Stable drum brakes are integrated with sticky tires for a comfortable and safe ride. These features make it a reliable vehicle, ideal for everyday transport. It is a slim body design. Its features include good speedometer visibility, indicator lights, and battery status are displayed in an easy-to-read format. It also comes with a simple center stand. It has a self-start feature and gives a range of up to 50 km per charge.

Avon E Lite

The well-known bicycle manufacturer Avon offers not only bicycles but also environmentally friendly electric scooters. One of their products, the Avon E-Lite, is a well-designed lightweight electric scooter. Avon E Lite is designed for families living in Tier 3 cities and rural areas who need to cycle every day at an affordable price. An ultra-light electric bicycle that can be used by teenagers and the elderly at an affordable price to meet their daily travel needs.

Avon E Lite Design

Avon E Lite is one of the most affordable electric bicycles in India. The pros of buying the Avon E Lite are that it uses a scooter design that allows the rider to adapt well to the position of the road. The bike uses an electric pedal system, so even if the battery is dead, the cyclist can take a step forward to get to a place where it can be recharged again by pedaling it. Avon e-bike is built according to the needs of the riders. Flat floor, front pockets, and a large bin for groceries and bags in the back of the rear seat. You can easily transport small items from one place to another for short distances.


Avon E Lite Features

This electric scooter is powered by a 230W BLDC motor which is intended to be used in conjunction with a rechargeable maintenance-free LA 48V12AH battery. The battery of the scooter is fully charged in 6 to 8 hours. When completely cut off, it has a range of 50-60 kilometers and a maximum speed of 24 kilometers per hour. The price of this scooter is economical and affordable.

Avon E Lite Performance

The Avon E Lite is powered by a lead-acid battery with a total charging capacity of 576 Wh. However, despite its small size, the E Lite can travel 50km on a single charge. The reason is that it is very light and its load capacity is 40 kg. The scooter needs to be charged for approximately 5-6 hours to fully charge the battery. Telescopic suspension is used for the front wheels and a pair of shock absorbers for the rear wheels to compensate for the vibrations of the rear wheels. The braking system is equipped with drum brakes at each end to provide the best stopping power for a stable stop hassle-free.

Wrapping up

Both the electric bikes are suitable for work, especially for those who have to cover short distances in Indian cities on a budget ride. These are lightweight electric bicycles specifically aimed at beginners, teenagers, and the elderly who are simply looking for cheap and easy-to-operate electric bicycles.

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