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Ather Energy Releases Its First Impact Report
Ruchita Soni
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Published on 31st Jul 21

Ather Energy Releases Its First Impact Report

Ather Energy, a Bengaluru-based EV company, has free its 1st impact report, that measures its overall social, environmental and economic impact. Aside from Tesla, Ather Energy is that the 1st Indian and second automotive company globally to publish the impact report.

• Ather Energy plans to put in five hundred charging points

• The corporate has achieved 99 % localization

The FY2019-2020 report provides a close analysis of the company's efforts to evoke a modification within the scheme around it. Impact was assessed by draw a bead on impact, a social enterprise targeted on impact leadership and impact scheme development.


Ather Energy conducted a comprehensive analysis victimisation draw a bead on Impact's proprietary framework across quite 250 impact metrics and was awarded draw a bead on Impact's gold foil recognition for its holistic impact management. Ather Energy claims that it's the primary Indian and second automotive company globally, aside from Tesla, to publish the impact report. In step with the corporate, the world property news landscape has primarily been dominated by massive, publicly-listed firm in many countries, as well as Republic of India, because the rules state that every company reports on property metrics. Whereas progressive firms think about ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) news a vital a part of their strategy, property news is additionally evolving, and impact news is presently the foremost comprehensive news system out there. Ather says it's a two-pronged approach to assembling a property scheme. The company has designed a vehicle and charging infrastructure platform from scratch and is additionally targeted on serving to to develop a neighborhood provide chain. As a result, Ather Energy has managed to realize 99 % localization (excluding cells) within the vehicle. In parallel, property has been a serious actuation in Ather Energy's efforts and operations.

Ather scooters cut back greenhouse gas emissions

In FY2019-2020, Ather Energy says its vehicles reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 7.5 metric tons.

The corporate is predicted to expand its presence to a hundred cities with a brand new product portfolio by FY 2023, furthermore as add Crash Detection and SOS, Tow Detection, Tire Pressure observance System (TPMS) and additional safety options on its merchandise. Additionally known as remote designation, among others. By FY2022, Ather Energy plans to put in five hundred charging points across the country. Ather Energy additionally aims to use alternative energy to come up with 80 percent of its energy consumption and increase the quantitative relation of recycled water to 84 percent of total water consumption.

Tarun Mehta, Co-Founder and CEO of Ather Energy, said: “The impact of our run through our merchandise for the energy unit market is obvious, however building a semipermanent impact-focused organization is quite a number of introduction product decisions. As such, mensuration impact would need to be associate degree institutional method that may go so much on the far side simply product, and would additionally cowl folks, the world and policy. Measuring this and sharing it publically can facilitate US produce a system wherever within the long-standing time we are able to hold ourselves responsible to the general public normal and thus ceaselessly improve it. Whereas this can be simply the primary report, we have a tendency to are already seeing an enormous jump within the WIP report for FY21, revealing the advantages of scaling up the impact as a company-wide metric.


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The report additionally talks regarding Ather Energy's commitment to diversity and inclusion, that has been distended to incorporate diversity of thought, experience, gender, leadership, language and culture. Regarding 30 percent of women are utilized within the company's producing facility, that is that the highest within the Indian automotive sector.

Ather Energy has set itself high standards of policy and governance. The report outlines Ather Energy's commitment and contribution towards the UN property Development Goals (SDGs). Ather Energy's ideologies and cultural values ​go on the far side the organization; Building a unforgettable and substantiating relationship with customers may be a goal the company exemplifies. Over the years, Ather has seen a robust growing active client community, growing from five thousand these days to over fourteen, five hundred members.

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