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Analysis of the Gravton Quanta EV that was recently launched in India
Ruchita Soni
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Published on 30th Jul 21

Analysis of the Gravton Quanta EV that was recently launched in India

The Gravton Quanta EV is hopped-up by a 3kW BLDC motor and a 3kWh lithium-ion removable battery pack.

The Gravton Quanta electrical vehicle has been launched in India at associate degree introductory worth of ₹99,000 (ex-showroom, Hyderabad), therefore resulting in the rapid climb of e-vehicles within the country. This is often the primary giving from Hyderabad-based start-up Gravton Motors. The value of Quanta in India is 1.1 lakh - ₹1.2 lakh terribly before long. Curiously, new EVs in India are expected to cut back this to ₹99,000 once they get the government's nod for eligibility to receive the celebrity a pair of grant. Oh, and it ought to be noted that the Gravton Quanta is presently solely obtainable in Hyderabad, though' the corporate intends to expand its handiness to different cities within the future. Derived on the principles of property and 'Atmanirbhar' or 'Self-reliant' India, the Quanta has been originally designed with indigenously designed and developed parts, therefore creating Gravton one among the few work unit brands within which has the biggest variety of elements India. The Quanta may be an excellent mix of feature-rich and performance-driven vehicle that's poised to win the hearts of each urban and rural India.


Parashuram Paka, Founder and corporate executive, Gravton Motors same, “With the launch of our 1st electrical bike Quanta nowadays, my dream has return true. Quanta not solely resonates actuality essence of created in India however created for India. Whereas the merchandise is basically geared toward riders across all segments, we have a tendency to even have one within the sports class, that is primarily geared toward action familiarized glowing young youth subculture. We’ve architected and built every element in-house and appointed vendors who will create the parts as per our configuration. We have a tendency to also be happy to envision a number of the highest element makers comply with manufacture parts as per our style and specifications and this extremely shows the responsibility and responsibility of our merchandise."

The Quanta is claimed to be supported a unique 'rib cage' frame and gets a telescopic fork and twin shock absorbers as a part of the suspension hardware. The new EV in India comes equipped with options like digital instrument cluster, a mobile app to modify some connected options, 17-inch wheels and disc brakes.

The Gravton Quanta EV is hopped-up by a 3kW BLDC motor and a 3kWh lithium-ion removable battery pack. The riding vary of the electrical vehicle is claimed to be over one hundred km per single charge. The corporate additionally says that the Quanta is capable of a prime speed of seventy km/h and offers identical performance as a one hundred cc bike.


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While developing the merchandise, Gravton has set a goal to free the rider from the concern of vary. Gravton's Quanta attracts power from a three kWh Li-ion classic battery and offers a travel vary of one hundred fifty km, expandable up to 320 km on one charge. In addition, Gravton's SES (Swap Eco System) enhances rider confidence associate degreed provides convenience with an intelligent urban quality resolution. With the SES scheme, the rider will find the closest Gravton's battery station, order a spare battery and simply summon and swap batteries at any location.

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