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All about the Apple Car Launch in India
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Published on 8th Feb 21

All about the Apple Car Launch in India

When will the much-awaited Apple Car launch in India? The project which was a secret is out in the world. Reportedly known as "Project Titan", Apple's car project is highly awaited by all the Apple and the tech lovers.

What about Apple Cars? Everything Facts

Among all the new and exciting projects, Apple is indeed working on a car-related project. 

It all started in 2015, from the thought process, designing and manufacturing. The idea came into existence when Apple was in talking terms with Tesla to work on cameras of the car. It created a buzz and the process of iCar or Apple cars commenced. 

The name of the big project is Project Titan. An automatic electronic automobile. The manufacturer of the car remains unclear. 

The January 2021 Bloomberg report quoted below indicated that the Apple car is nowhere near production stage and "Apple will take at least half a decade to launch an autonomous, electric vehicle because development work is still at an early stage". This suggests we won't see anything until at least 2025.

Pieces of evidence that make it transparent that Apple is operating on an automated car:

  • Patent details unique in-car lighting system
  • Ex-Apple employee charged with stealing car-related secrets from the company
  • Apple hiring car industry veterans and specialists
  • Examining the registration process. 
  • Apple's self-driving fleet
  • Apple & Volkswagen: Apple has coupled up with Volkswagen to build a driverless vehicle to shuttle its employees to and from work. 
  • Apple files patent for climate control in vehicles
  • Apple & Canoo: Tried to work over the EV market. Canoo didn't agree to a deal. 
  • Working towards more self-driving designs
  • Apple acquires car-related domain names
  • Apple awarded a self-driving car permit in California in late 2016.

Facts or Rumours?

  • Started in 2015: Fact
  • Tim Cook Bloomberg Interview, 2017: Fact, he did state about the iCar project yet didn't comment about it since then and dogged all the questions related to it. Interview of 2017, Cook said that Apple is "focusing on autonomous systems" and that "it's a core technology that we view as very important. We sort of see it as the mother of all AI projects. It's probably one of the most difficult AI projects to work on". 
  • Has the project come to an end?: Rumour. Due to the COVID-19, the project has slowed the progress due to work from home. 
  • Target launch in next 5-6 years: Fact 
  • Tim Cook made an official 
  • Pricing expected to be around $55,000: Fact

Apple Car India | Next Level Batteries

Indian Automobile EV: Kia and Hyundai won't be partnering with Apple to manufacture the cars. The price might vary depending on whether Apple India would manufacture or import the cars in India. Apple did lay off 200 employees to give the project a new start in 2016.

Hurray, 2027 (MAX) It Is!

It would have been in 2024, due to the pandemic the project got delayed. As of now, Tim Cook hasn't made it official. Yet, through various sources i.e. interviews, employees, former employees and, more we can state that iCar will commence production in some years. 

What will it look like? Beautiful, elite, sleek and classy. It won't compromise anywhere in terms of accessibility and feasibility.

We can expect the launch in India in 2027. One of the competitors Tesla already registered itself in Bangalore, India in Jan 2021. We can expect Apple to enter the automatic electric car industry in India too.

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