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All about Joy e-Bike Electric Scooters: Glob v/s Wolf v/s Gen Next Nanu E-Scooter
Shayma Shamim
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Published on 30th Nov 21

All about Joy e-Bike Electric Scooters: Glob v/s Wolf v/s Gen Next Nanu E-Scooter

You have probably seen e-scooter in the street, people using new kinds of scooters. It has been a few years since electric scooters invaded city centers. But this craze for this kind of machine is not unfounded. The electric scooter differs from a classic scooter in that it does not require any effort to ride. Indeed, an electric scooter has a motor and a battery connected to an accelerator trigger allowing you to move forward without having to push with your foot. Have you decided to change your mobility by switching to the electric scooter? Well done! You still have to find the right one between Glob v/s Wolf v/s Gen Next Nanu E-Scooter. This guide will help you to choose the best Joy e-Bike Electric Scooter for you.

Glob Joy e-Bike

Joy E-Bike, the maker of an electric motorcycle, owned an elegant Glob electric scooter in India with a different look. Joy E-Bike Glob is an entry-low-level electric scooter in the Joy E-Bike product line with a price range of approximately Rs 73,000 across the country. You can buy this scooter in only a single color and one variant.


Glob Joy e-Bike Design

Talking about its design, the Joy E-Bike Glob comes with a sleek comfortable elegant look. With a simple handlebar design, the handle is equipped with a directional signal centered around and a retro LED headlight. Round mirror style and attractive rearview mirrors help you to give clear visibility at night. It is equipped with a long comfortable seat that will make it an ideal scooter for a city like Delhi and Mumbai. It has alloy wheels with tubeless tyres.

Glob Joy e-Bike Specification

We can include Joy E-Bike Glob in a low-speed electric scooter category. It is equipped with a 250W waterproof BLDC motor and with a 60V / 24Ah rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can be installed and removed easily as per your convenience. Joy E-Bike Glob electric scooters aim to offer a good selection of riding products. It can travel 65 km with a complete full charging in one go. However, its range depends on its driving conditions. It takes about 3 to 3.5 hours to charge completely. The scooters can accelerate to a top speed of 25 km/h. Two suspension catchers, a telescopic fork on the front wheels, and a rear-wheel control the position of the suspension. The braking function is performed with the same hydraulic disc brake device on the front wheels and the same hydraulic disc brake device on the rear wheels, which is responsible for the braking function and safe driving.

Glob Joy e-Bike Features

It is a product with innovative features such as Reverse Assist Function and keyless function. It has a remote lock with security features with the digital instrument browser. It is environmentally friendly and does not emit carbon dioxide with a zero-carbon emission feature. There is also a Low Battery Indicator so you know when the battery is low.

Wolf Joy e-Bike

Joy E-Bike Wolf falls under the sleek electric scooters range in India with a price range of Rs 75,000 approximately. TheJoy E-Bike Wolf is a new low-speed portable electric scooter in the Joy E-Bike product line.


Wolf Joy e-Bike Design

The Joy E-Bike Wolf Electric Scooter has a solemn look with two LED headlights, indicator light, a two-tone color panel, and attractive color options. The Joy E-Bike Wolf has digital dashboards, comfortable long seats with alloy wheels. It is also equipped with tubeless tyres. It has an extra boot space that will help you drive this scooter with your additional luggage at front.

Wolf Joy e-Bike Specification

The Joy E-Bike Wolf is an electric scooter with a 250 Watts BLDC Motor (Waterproof) for a long lifespan of scooters and increased efficiency. The electric scooter is equipped with a 60V 24Ah NMC / 48V 24Ah NMC / 48V 26Ah NMC lithium-ion battery, which allows you to fully charge the smart charger with overvoltage temperature and short circuit protection in about 3-3.5 hours. The electric scooter can cover 65 kilometers in a complete charge at one go. Its load capacity is 140 kgs with a hassle-free ride. Wolf uses hydraulic suspension because its reaction time is faster as compared to others. It also makes riding more reliable and better. With an input and output voltage range of 60V, it can provide additional motor power when needed and is compatible with voltage sources for easy use.

Wolf Joy e-Bike Features

The Joy E-Bike Wolf Electric Scooter also features Reverse Assist Function, keyless operation, a waterproof DC motor, and a remote lock with security functions. The wolf is so smart that it will stand up to the mark of your expectation with an e-scooter. It is equipped with a battery level indicator to let you monitor the battery level. Like four-wheel vehicles, Wolf offers a remote locking system and is highly efficient. The Joy E-Bike Wolf has one attractive two-tone body color and only one variant in the Indian EV market.

Gent Next Nanu Joy e-Bike

The Joy Gent Next Nanu E-bike is one of the nine products that Joy E-bike offers in India including the above two Glob and Wolf. The Gent Next Nanu E-bike is a low-speed electric scooter with a starting price range of Rs. 72,000 approximately.


Gent Next Nanu Joy e-Bike Design

Gen Next Nanu is A tech-savvy electric scooter with a modern finish to ensure you a comfortable and elegant journey on this e-scooter. The Joy E-Bike Gen Nxt Nanu electric scooters look attractive. It has dual LED lights, an elegant taillight, and an indicator that is handle-mounted. Gen Next Nanu is 1800mm long. The rider is very comfortable with a large boot space. The height of Gen Next Nanu is 1100mm, so even people of average height can easily drive this e-scooter with a width of 460mm.

Gent Next Nanu Joy e-Bike Specification

It has a 250 watts waterproof BLDC motor with a lithium-ion battery type of 60V/24Ah which is a detachable battery for your ease. It has a loading capacity of 140 kgs at a time. Gen Next Nanu charges completely in just 2.5 hours with a faster charger, but 3 to 3.5 hours with a regular charger. This electric scooter has impressive durability, it can travel 60 kilometers and gives a top speed of 25 kilometers per hour which makes it an ideal choice for your daily commute. The Gen Next Nanu controller is 60V which makes it compatible with a variety of input voltage sources.The telescopic forks on the front wheels manage suspension and double shock absorbers on the rear wheels. Braking is provided by the front disc brakes and rear drum brakes which need low maintenance, and the standard braking system provides better braking performance and a safer ride.

Gent Next Nanu Joy e-Bike Features

The new electric scooter is also equipped with a digital LED panel that can display important information about the scooter, such as the speedometer, and low battery signal. Unlike other two-wheelers, Gen Next Nanu is equipped with a remote control lock that allows you to start or stop the vehicle with a single click. Gen Next Nanu has a fast and efficient battery level signal so you can keep track of your vehicle battery.

Wrapping Up

So, that's all from our side about all three Joy e-Bike Electric Scooters. All three have a few common things like long and comfortable seats, alloy wheels with tubeless tyres, keyless function, remoteless access. All have a sleek and attractive design with good autonomy. We hope that this article will help you to choose the ideal e-scooter as per your need and budget.
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