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A Step-by-Step Guide to Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions
Shayma Shamim
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Published on 11th Feb 22

A Step-by-Step Guide to Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions

The fastest-growing consumer of energy, automobile transport is responsible for around 40% of household energy consumption. Transport by electric vehicle can improve this balance, as it is currently the most efficient mode of transport. Electric vehicles are economical and emit much less CO2, especially when using green electricity. However, for us to enjoy their benefits, some essential conditions must be met.

  • Charging electric vehicles must be simple, easily accessible, and safe. Users must be able to choose the method of payment and respect for their privacy must be guaranteed.
  • Electric vehicles must be affordable.
  • Consumers must have a wide choice of vehicle models.
  • The batteries of electric vehicles must have a long life.
  • Electric vehicles should be fun to drive.

Our Solution

Kazam EV has established many partnerships to meet these essential conditions for success. We have led the way by developing infrastructure to support electric vehicle charging stations. Our Kazam Charging Station Management System (CMS) enables large-scale management of electric vehicle charging points through a software-as-a-service hosted in our private cloud. Our CMS is based on common standards to ensure ease of use and interoperability with a wide variety of kiosk brands and types. Compatible with different counter and back-office systems and various payment methods, it can easily be adapted to technological innovations, such as mobile payment solutions. It offers customers (energy retailers, transport companies, and other players in the field of electric vehicles) access to new markets and consumer groups. It also provides analytics so they can predict the effects of electric vehicles on their operations and infrastructure. You can locate your chargers in a single dashboard.

Kazam has built the world’s first EV charging station simulator It allows customers to test the app functionality without having any electric charging station.

How does it help?

  • Build your own charging network
  • Configure, Monitor & Control your charging stations
  • Locate all your chargers in one place
  • Monitor charge point consumption and get real-time visibility of transactions


Features of Kazam CMS

  • We support OCPP 1.6 protocol based charging stations
  • Your customized charging point can also be linked to our platform within few steps
  • Interoperability between Mobility Service Providers supported via OCPI
  • Our platform makes it easy to integrate and operate a network with equipment from multiple OEMs

Step-by-Step Guide to Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions

Step 1: Go to the official website of Kazam and then go to the CMS option. It will open up the next page KAZAM CHARGING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM.

Step 2: Click on Contact Us and fill all the required information like email, name, and password. Our team will connect with you and you will be logged into the Kazam Charging Management System.

Step 3: In the Kazam Dashboards, you have many analytics that will help you to understand your business like the Average availability of charging stations, live events, and google maps. It reflects the trends in bar graphs and pie charts for better visibility of business analytics.

Step 4: Then using CMS by clicking on the charging solution option, you can monitor and control your each and every charging station in a single window.

Step 5: From the API option, you can effortlessly create a custom mobile app or integrate it into an existing mobile app. Kazam CMS is not only connected to Kazam chargers but to all OCPP chargers as well. Also, you get OTA support on the charging stations, so the software on the charger always remains new. Kazam pricing models are flexible and both fixed and subscription pricing is available.


Why Choose Kazam CMS?

At Kazam, sustainability is at the heart of our vision for the future. We are convinced that to progress, the only possible way is to work and live in a sustainable way. Of course, your business must comply with regulations and minimize its costs and the risks that threaten it but imagine the benefits you would enjoy if, at the same time, you designed sustainable services and ecosystems. We create smart processes to improve transportation efficiency while reducing pollution. We create sustainable services by leveraging the experience gained through our own CMS platform. Kazam EV electric vehicle solutions are used in many metropolitan cities of India, and they are just one of many aspects of our sustainability activities. We are also investing to provide solutions at various places like Kirana Shops, Shopping Malls, Hospitals and so on which is an essential step for the adoption of electric vehicles. We believe in our investment in electric vehicles and are excited to promote their use and thereby build a more sustainable future. Our electric vehicle expertise is bolstered by extensive capabilities in the utility sector, including a leading presence in Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru.

You can download our mobile app to view our installations- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kazam.ev

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