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5 Top EV Charging Stocks To Watch In March 2022
Simran Kaur
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Published on 28th Mar 22

Green. Smart. Electric.

As electric vehicles grow more prevalent, charging infrastructure must evolve to keep up. This enables us to charge electric vehicles at home, on driving trips, and at all public charging stations. Recently, electric vehicle (EV) charging stock prices have rebounded, potentially making them attractive stock market purchases.

Due to the fact that the electric vehicle charging sector is still in its infancy, there is no shortage of fascinating advancements. Volta (NYSE: VLTA) announced earlier this month that it will expand its partnership with Walgreens (NASDAQ: WBA) to deploy 1,000 fast-charging stations. With that in mind, here are five electric car charging stocks to consider on the stock market today.


1. Beam Global

Beam creates and manufactures renewable energy products. These products include but are not limited to, EV charging infrastructure, solar products, energy security, and disaster preparedness.

It bought AllCell, a battery science company that manufactures safer lithium-ion batteries, recently. The deal, is anticipated to finalize by March worth up to $30 million.

EV ARC system shipments jumped 62% year-on-year, the business revealed in early February. The corporation also succeeded in growing its sales into industries like automotive, construction, pharmaceutical, and education. Beam believes it had a successful year in 2021. This gives the company a boost in 2022 when the government and corporate sectors invest in EV charging infrastructure. Would you invest in BEEM stock now that things are looking up for Beam?

2. ChargePoint

ChargePoint is a well-known brand in the EV business. The company runs one of the largest online networks of privately owned EV charging stations. It has around 26,000 public charging outlets across the country. It has 118,000 charging stations worldwide. With its vast range of charging networks and solutions, the company aims to make becoming electric simple for businesses and drivers.

ChargePoint partnered with Wheels Donlen, a leader in car fleet management, last week. As part of the deal, Wheels Donlen and ChargePoint will help customers electrify their fleets. Including in-home charging hardware, public charging access and ChargePoint's cloud software.

ChargePoint's cloud software gives fleet managers a complete picture of energy savings and charging activity. It also enables for complete fleet reporting and billing. Giving customers info on charging patterns, total energy use, and more. Is CHPT stock a buy now?

3. Wallbox

Wallbox designs EV charging and energy management systems. These help people conserve energy and save money. In particular, the Pulsar Plus is a compact but strong and rapid EV charger for the home. In addition, the company provides charging and energy management solutions for private, semi-public, and public use in over 80 nations.

Wallbox recently partnered with Polaris (NYSE: PII), a major Powersports vehicle manufacturer. Polaris will sell the 40 Amp Pulsar Plus charger through this partnership. Polaris clients might charge their recreational EVs faster. The Pulsar Plus is also the world's smallest home charger and works with all EVs. Considering this collaboration, do you recommend WBX stock?

4. EVgo

EVgo is another major EV charging firm nowadays. Their network is said to be the largest in the US. It also employs renewable energy to power its charging stations. It has over 800 fast-charging outlets in 65 major areas throughout 34 states. EVgo also claims that over 130 million Americans live within a 10-mile radius of an EVgo fast charger. The company's charging stations charge in 15 to 45 minutes. Subaru of America just chose EVgo as its preferred charging partner. Given this, do you have EVGO on your watchlist?

5. Blink Charging

Last but not least, Blink Charging. As its name implies, the company provides EV charging equipment and services. The Blink Network and EV supply equipment are the company's main products (EVSE). The company now has over 30,000 charging stations in 13 countries. Its global network of charging stations also allows users to conveniently charge at any of its sites.

Blink said in January that it will install EV chargers at GM (NYSE: GM) stores in the US and Canada Dealerships will receive Blink's IQ 200 Level 2 chargers. B link will cooperate with ABM Industries to supply turnkey EV charging stations. It's suggested to keep monitoring BLNK stock in the run-up to its fourth-quarter earnings release on March 10.

Saving Money And The Environment

If you enjoyed this article and are interested in learning more about electric vehicles and the newest news, keep following Kazam.

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