EV Station in Society


Use Kazam charger for your society and apartments so that EV owners can charge without any hassle and units consumed can be tracked per user

No need to extend connection from meters

Residents can utilize the parking space and charge their vehicles safely hassle-free and within their own society

Track usage per user and charge accordingly

Electricity Consumption and no of units consumed can be tracked per user. You can set per unit rate and bill the user accordingly.

Battery safety

The EV is safe from any damage due to surge in voltage and the battery can be safely charged without any worry.

Ease of installation and ease of use

With an ergonomic design that uses minimal space as well as easy steps for charging and a digital payment system, we have a sleek, simple and an efficient charging system for you.

Societies and residential apartments with electric vehicle charging infrastructure will be in high demand as demand for electric vehicles (EV) rises in the coming years. Why not charge your EV right from the comfort of your home? Kazam EV provides two types of EV charging solutions: Kazam 3.3 and Kazam Mini. Our chargers can charge all-electric vehicles ranging from electric two-wheelers and three-wheelers to four-wheelers. By installing a Kazam electric vehicle charging station in your society, you will be able to track usage per user and charge and protect your electric vehicle's battery. Don't worry, as there is no need to extend your connection from metres because we've got your back! With our technicians arriving at your location and installing the EV chargers ourselves, you will have an easy installation! The Kazam EV App will be available on both Android and iOS to assist you throughout the process.

The easy-to-use app is for both the host and the user. The host can review all transactions, keep track of the charger, infer potential audience, designate new sockets, register parking slots, promote your mall on the Kazam Social, and much more. Install the Kazam EV mobile application by clicking on Play Store or App Store. To book yours now, tap on buy now. In addition to the charging solutions, Kazam EV also provides a custom made charging management system. It will help build, operate and monitor the charging network at your society using Kazam Charging Management Software. All of this is simple to achieve with a small investment that ensures high returns. For more information, please fill out the form above or send us a message on our social media handles at Kazam EV, and we will respond to you kazamly!