EV Station X Restaurants


Enhance your customer experience and increase your customer footfall

Enhanced customer experience

Customers can charge their vehicles while enjoying their food, hassle free in your Parking Space.

Increase footfall

Potential clients who were looking for an EV charging space can grab a quick bite while waiting hence increasing the no of visitors.

Increase your earnings

Customers charging their vehicles will pay for the electricity consumption and you can earn extra bucks through it.

Create a brand for your restaurant

Charging spaces are the new hotspots that can define your brand and set a new trend - monetizing Parking Spaces and benefitting diners.

Electric vehicles are rapidly gaining popularity across the country, and owners are always on the lookout for charging stations. Electric vehicle charging stations can be a great addition to any restaurant, helping to attract customers. Kazam EV provides two types of EV charging solutions: Kazam 3.3 and Kazam Mini. Our chargers can charge all-electric vehicles ranging from electric two-wheelers and three-wheelers to four-wheelers. By installing a Kazam electric vehicle charging station , you will be able to improve customer experience, increase footfall, contribute to your CSR goals, and boost your earnings. To assist you with all of this the Kazam EV App will be available on both Android and iOS to assist you throughout the process. The app assists both the host and the user.

The host can review all transactions, keep track of the charger, infer potential audience, designate new sockets, register parking slots, promote their restaurant on the Kazam Social , and much more. Install the Kazam EV mobile application by clicking on Play Store or App Store. To book yours now, tap on buy now. In addition to the charging solutions, Kazam EV also provides a custom made charging management system. It will help build, operate and monitor the charging network at your restaurant using Kazam Charging Management Software . All of this is simple to achieve with a small investment that ensures high returns. For more information, please fill out the form above or send us a message on our social media handles at Kazam EV, and we will respond to you kazamly!