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Roadside stores can now be converted into EV charging stations! Take a quick break and charge your EV.
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Free, or For a Fee
Once the electric vehicle charging stations of your choice have been installed in your car park, you can offer free recharging to your customers or charge them the appropriate fee using the payment technology integrated into the charging stations. You can also offer a paid electric vehicle charging service to non-customers by allowing them to pay with a credit card, smartphone, or app; obviously, this means that you will be able to generate new revenue from this solution.
They charge their car while shopping
Over the next few years, fewer and fewer motorists will visit a gas station to fill up with gasoline. Instead, an increasing number of motorists will look for the option of charging their car with electricity at a variety of locations, including those visited only occasionally during the day: at work, in shopping malls, and so on. In short, refueling methods will change dramatically; refilling your car will become a more frequent action than it is now, and it will occur in a variety of locations. Places to recharge may be unthinkable today, at random; those places where we plan to stop for at least a couple of hours for our daily activities: supermarkets, gyms, spas, shops, stations, and so on.
Maximum Attention to your Customers
Your customers have taken time away from their commitments for at least two hours to reach you, enter your establishment, and be free of all thoughts and worries. If you have a shopping center, your customers will eat or drink in addition to shopping and browsing the windows; if you have a gym or spa, they will stay for several hours, enjoying your services. During these hours of stay, your customers' primary need is to have a safe parking space for their car that is free of problems. However, things are changing. Your customers will be driving electric vehicles by the end of the year. If you have an electric charging station, your customers will be able to use it, and they will remain loyal to your service and eager to visit your location. They will bring others and will speak highly of your exercise. If you do not provide the option for cars to recharge in your parking lot, they will likely choose to go somewhere else; for example, they may choose to go to the competition, which will have activated electric charging points in the meantime.
Did You Know ?
Recharging your customers' electric vehicles is a very modern and profitable operation. Installing car charging stations in your parking lot allows you to make a difference in society while also expressing your commitment to a modern, green, and eco-sustainable vision. In ten years, charging your electric car in the parking lot of your mall will be second nature, if not mandatory. Prepare for the change by thinking about it now.
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EV setup guide
To begin an electric car charging station installation project, do not use do-it-yourself or ill-prepared internal forces. A comprehensive study conducted by professionals is required, which takes into account the various methods of use and recharging that you decide to begin, the spaces, the type of models to be recharged, and many other factors. There are numerous, very different, and rapidly changing solutions for charging stations and related technologies. Don't make your decision alone. You'd be jeopardizing a significant investment. Please seek our advice. To get the most out of your investment, the system's components must be carefully sized. Consider the following as an example:
  • Which and how many types of cars do you want to recharge?
  • How many charging points do you want?
  • Which and how many machines do you want to charge at the same time?
  • What type of recharge do you want to provide, for how long, and with how much power, as storage/battery systems must provide additional support?
  • What service do you intend to provide, to whom, and what do you anticipate in terms of savings and revenue?
  • The availability of government tax breaks!
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