EV Station X kirana store


Make side income from the ideal parking spot in front of your shop / kirana store

Extra income for you

Customers charging their vehicles will pay for the electricity consumption and you can earn extra bucks through it

Increase footfall at your shop

A charging station in your shop invites more people on-the-go, giving exposure to your shop and making it more visible to people all around the town

Sell to EV drivers as they charge

People looking for a Charging Space can utilize your Parking Space and shop, ticking off all items in their grocery or go-to travel list.

Use Kazam payment gateway

Contribute towards the new Digital Age and receive Hassle-free, reliable and secure payments through Kazam Payment Gateway

Kirana is more than just a place for many Indians; it is an expression. Kirana stores can be found all over the country, from one's neighbourhood to the desired location. It enables people to sit, relax, talk, and relive all of their tribulations. What could be better than a place to charge your electric vehicle while having the time of your life? Kazam EV provides two types of EV charging solutions: Kazam 3.3 and Kazam Mini. Our chargers can charge all-electric vehicles ranging from electric two-wheelers and three-wheelers to four-wheelers. Installing a Kazam electric vehicle charging station in your Kirana store will generate extra revenue for you, increase footfall in your store, allow you to sell directly to the EV drivers as they charge, and use the Kazam payment gateway.

Let us begin India's Electric Vehicle Revolution in your neighbourhood! The Kazam EV App will be available on both Android and iOS to assist you throughout the process. The easy-to-use app is for both the host and the user. The host can review all transactions, keep track of the charger, infer potential audience, designate new sockets, register parking slots, promote your mall on the Kazam Social, and much more. Install the Kazam EV mobile application by clicking on Play Store or App Store. To book yours now, tap on buy now. All of this is simple to achieve with a small investment that ensures high returns. For more information, please fill out the form above or send us a message on our social media handles at Kazam EV, and we will respond to you kazamly!