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Ease of recharging
Using your home charging station is less restrictive than having to go to a public charging station to recharge your electric car. Kazam Chargers are technically equipped with a variety of features and intelligent functions. You don't have to do anything with this feature because the charging station will automatically indicate when the charging is finished.
Using a charging station for your electric vehicle is safer than plugging it into a household outlet. A recharge, in fact, sends a strong current through an outlet for several hours. Kazam charging stations, which are equipped with circuit breakers and differential switches, are designed to withstand particularly severe conditions without the risk of your electrical installation overheating or, worse, catching fire.
Each terminal installed provides monetary benefits to the recipient. All of the benefits under various policies are far from insignificant, and they tend to encourage hotel and restaurant professionals to install charging stations for electric vehicles as soon as possible.
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Are you a retailer looking to provide a unique service to your customers and prospects at your physical point of sale? Kazam EV adapts to your needs to provide you with an innovative service at your point of sale, whether you are an independent, franchisee, or manager of multiple stores. India's vehicle fleet will be electrified in the near future. Vehicle sales are increasing, and the applications for this type of vehicle are causing changes in India's movements. If your store is in a city, a commercial area, or the countryside, your customers will want to be able to recharge their vehicle while visiting your establishment. Please contact us using the button provided below. We promise to provide you with the best-tailored solution possible.
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Environmental motivations
Installation of a terminal and return on investment
A capital gain for the house in the event of resale
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