Provide parking and charging services from your parking spot and earn money

How it works

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Upload picture of your socket
All you need is an empty parking spot with a socket. Download Kazam app and go to Socket Onboarding section
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EV drivers come to know about your point on maps
Electric bike and electric car drivers will be able to discover your socket via our mobile application and will navigate to your location in need of charge.
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You earn money by providing charging and parking area to EV drivers
After the session is over, the host and the driver exchange money at a pre-decided rate
Onboarded Sockets
Address:   Ramesh tea shop, Darbangha, Bihar
Timing:   8 AM - 5 PM
Rate:   ₹ 11 / hr
Ankur Bansal
Address:   Ankur gift shop, Vaishali, Ghaziabad
Timing:   9 AM - 7 PM
Rate:   ₹ 10 / hr
AK Sinha
Address:   G-92, building 4, Darbangha, Bihar
Timing:   8 AM - 5 PM
Rate:   ₹ 11 / hr
Address:   6th block,koromangala, Bangalore,Karnataka
Timing:   9 AM - 7 PM
Rate:   ₹ 10 / hr
Find your nearest EV charging station
Use the KAZAM Application
  1. Find Nearest/Kazam EV charging station on the go
  2. Scan and charge Kazamly
  3. Makes mobility accessible to all
  4. Explore endlessly
  5. Pay on the go directly from wallet
  6. End charging and resume your trip with ease