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Zomato Pledges Hundred Percent Adoption of Electric Vehicles by 2030
Simran Kaur
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Published on 30th Jun 21

Zomato Pledges Hundred Percent Adoption of Electric Vehicles by 2030

Global adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) is critical for attaining a carbon-free future.

The imperative to transition away from carbon-emitting vehicles and toward greener modes of transport has never been greater. In keeping with global agreements, the Centre has set ambitious aims for the country's electric transportation. State governments and municipal governments, on the other hand, are responsible for implementing the policies and initiatives necessary to facilitate the transition.

Let’s look at how Zomato is contributing to the ecofriendly future:  

“We want to actively aid the transition to EVs by enabling the ecosystem – EV players, battery manufacturers, and the government – and we want to be accountable for the impact we create and contribute to solving the world's most pressing environmental challenges, which are a byproduct of our own progress," Zomato added in a blog post.

To help cut carbon emissions, Zomato presently delivers close to 20% of all orders on the bicycle, the firm announced in April.

Zomato, a food delivery service, has joined together with Flipkart and Amazon to promote sustainable last-mile delivery. The corporation has pledged to convert 100 percent of its fleet to electric vehicles (EVs) by 2030 and has joined the Climate Group's worldwide electric mobility program, EV100.

Zomato's current EV fleet represents a small percentage of its delivery partners' active fleets and is used for deliveries in places such as Delhi, Bengaluru, and Mumbai. Deepinder Goyal, the company's founder and CEO, stated in a blog post that while 100 percent EV adoption will not be easy, it is critical in the long run. He noted that the current adoption rate is slow due to a few hurdles.

These impediments include a limited battery range, a lack of charging infrastructure, higher initial prices, and a lack of trust in emerging technologies. 

However, the company anticipates a greater adoption rate in the future, given the quick pace of innovation in the industry and the government's supportive push. "Over time, we anticipate a considerably faster transition to EVs in the two-wheeler business," Goyal added.

Additionally, he stated that his organization is committed to actively assisting the transition to electric vehicles by enabling the ecosystem - EV manufacturers, battery producers, and the government. The company is already collaborating with a few EV manufacturers to develop pilots and business models that will enable a more rapid transition to sustainable delivery alternatives.

The Climate Group is a non-profit multinational organization whose aim is to accelerate climate action in order to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 through mobilization and education of businesses and governments. 

Initiatives from other organizations: 

Flipkart, the e-commerce behemoth, also stated last year that it will totally migrate to electric vehicles by 2030 by joining the Climate Group's EV100 initiative. Amazon Inc. has committed to adding 100,000 electric vehicles to its delivery fleet globally by 2030.

Need to know more? 

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