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Why do electric cars need an EV Charging Management System?
Shayma Shamim
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Published on 28th Feb 22

Why do electric cars need an EV Charging Management System?

Electric vehicles attract consumers with their smart, economical, and environmentally friendly features. While EV service providers have many benefits, they also face several challenges, including managing battery charges, setting up charging costs, accessing all charging stations, and monitoring chargers. To overcome EV-related challenges, we built an Electric Vehicle Charging Management Software (CMS) for charging stations control systems. The proposed solution provides a convenient management service by making a costly decision using the monitoring of the charging station.

A Smart, Advanced and Connected world for Electric Cars

  • Using the Map View feature on Kazam CMS the user will be able to locate and manage any deployed charging station in the world and monitor them remotely seamlessly.
  • Optimization of energy resources and reduction of energy consumption.
  • Electric vehicle charging operators need real-time updates to build their own charging network. This includes data such as the total number of connected charging stations, current system status, number of charging stations online, or offline.
  • The advanced EV CMS evaluation and control the charging process, energy generation on a real-time basis, load balancing, and other regional power consumption and energy infrastructure activities across all vehicles in the system.

How to choose good Charging Management Software

1. The management and control of charging stations should take place in real-time with the platform's graphical interfaces for analysis. It is possible to monitor the availability of the charging stations on a single dashboard.

2. The platform was thought and developed to be easy to read the data and offer a great user experience. The service includes both more experienced users in management and novice operators, and Kazam provides full support for its use. Irrespective of the hardware manufacturer, Kazam's software & cloud platform allows us to control, onboard, manage, analyze, load balance all charging stations in a single dashboard


3. Functions should be developed for the operator to promote network optimization actions, to manage the maintenance of chargers in an organized way, and to increase the profitability of the equipment, whether to serve a single station or a network with thousands of points. Both the Platform and the Application are designed for the user, with easy and clean usability according to the best standards of the technological market. Kazam CMS supports OCPP 1.6 protocol-based charging stations.

Kazam is the best Charging management solution for:

Charge Point operators;

EV manufacturers;

Residential and commercial properties;

EV fleets

What Makes Kazam Different?

Our Station, Our Software, Your Brand

Our charging stations will enable EV to be 24*7 on the go! Additionally, it will assist in establishing your effective charging station network. The Kazam API platform supports you to effortlessly create a custom mobile app or integrate it into an existing mobile app. We know the importance of providing the best customer experience.

Your Station, Our Software, Your Brand

Level up with our deep industry expertise and scalable software-as-a-service solution to deliver a seamless EV charging experience. Bonus: With a branded driver mobile app and management portal! Fasten your network’s growth along with out of the box innovations such as interoperability with OCPP compliance – providing you ultimate charging station flexibility with dozens of advanced stations on our platform.

Your Fleet, Our Solution

Building on an enterprise-scale platform is a must for fast-moving Charge Point Operators and eMobility Service Providers. You will be able to scale and streamline your EV charging operations to get to market faster and at an affordable cost. From e-Mobility providers to Cafés and hotel chains, we empower you to create a custom experience for your pro EV drivers.

You can download our mobile app to view our installations- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kazam.ev

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