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Where can I discuss charging stations for electric vehicles?
Shayma Shamim
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Published on 5th Mar 22

Where can I discuss charging stations for electric vehicles?

If you are not familiar with the social networks to discuss electric vehicles and Electric Vehicle charging stations, that's completely normal. Indeed, many are known only to Whatsapp and Facebook, which is not the right platform to discuss EV and issues related to it. However, we have decided to tell you some of the most used and popular places here. They allow the sharing of videos, photos, articles, stories, or even information with the objective is to connect EV enthusiasts and to help to interact together. Whether dedicated to professionals or individuals, each social network was created for a specific purpose. For example, there are social networks that allow their users to ask each other free questions, share videos, short messages, audio files, etc.


Youtube Channels

If you want to talk about EV Charging Station and you already see lots of videos that deal with it: that's great! The competition is a very good sign, it means that there is an audience in this segment. Some people have questions about how to find an EV charging station, about the types of EV chargers and so on and you can help them. In addition, the more YouTubers there are in a theme, the better it is for everyone because Youtube recommends videos that look alike. One of such Youtube channels is Kazam where you can ask as many questions as you want in the comment section and the team will reply back to you with the answers. This channel not only offers you options to understand and learn about EVs, the latest news about EVs, reviews of electric vehicles, and trends in EV but is also working in solving charging point infrastructure problems in India. Discussion forums and channels about EV solve a lot of problems for Individuals, shop owners, Institutions, housing societies, and so on whoever is using EV.


Social Platforms

Kazam Social is one such social platform where users share all kinds of information about stations and chargers, and where they can see the comments and opinions of each of them. On Kazam Social, one can like, message, or comment on others' posts and stories. To connect with this platform, you need to make your profile on the Kazam EV application after downloading it on your Phone. Owners and Micro Businesses can promote their business on Kazam Social by posting videos or photos. There is a Leaderboard option in Kazam Social where you will get a top position according to the units you consumed to charge your EV. You can also use the Kazam EV application to find EV charging stations. Kazam EV application comes with a user-friendly interface that is polished and gives you a lot of filter options. You can effortlessly narrow down your search by selecting the right option on the application itself. It comes with a 24*7 support features.

Other websites

As we all are well aware of the Quora and Reddit platforms where one can post their queries and get responses from other users of the platform. Few other popular options are Facebook Groups on Electric Vehicles, EV LinkedIn Groups, Groups related to Electric Vehicle on Twitter, and so on.

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