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Where and how can I get an electric vehicle charging station under the Delhi Subsidy Scheme?
Shayma Shamim
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Published on 23rd Feb 22

Where and how can I get an electric vehicle charging station under the Delhi Subsidy Scheme?

Buying subsidized EV chargers is not as difficult as we think. It becomes more convenient when you live in a high-tech city like Delhi. For electric motorcycles or three-wheelers, subsidized by the Delhi government, people can buy charges by spending a very minimal amount of charges. The Delhi government will also provide a grant of Rs 6,000 to the first 30,000 applicants to install electric vehicle chargers. BSES includes DISCOM from Delhi such as BSES Rajdhani, BSES Yamuna, and Tata Power DDL signed a contract with EV charger solution providers to offer subsidized chargers to the people of the capital. According to the tender announced in July 2021, the subsidized electric vehicle charging station will be installed in 3 years.

Where can I install subsidized EV chargers?

A subsidy of Rs 6,000 will be awarded for each charger. Private Homes, bungalows, or spaces with a single meter can avail of this subsidy by installing EV chargers. You can install charging stations in semi-public areas such as shopping malls, Group Housing Societies, workshops, hospitals, and shops. It can be through a hassle-free single window system and by Discom empanelled vendors. The subsidy is not available for DC001 chargers.

What are the benefits?

1. You can buy a charging station at the lowest price.

2. Avail Subsidy under Delhi EV policy.

3. Pay through Upfront (Capex) payment.

4. Single window platform for hassle-free installation of charging stations in your premises.


How can I get subsidized EV chargers?

Applicants can access the portal to view government-approved electric vehicles (EVs). They can compare the prices of the available charging stations and order online. To buy subsidized chargers,

1. Enter your CA number (customer account number) and hit on submit/validate.

2. Enter the OTP received on your mobile phone.

3. On the next page, it will reflect all the information related to your charging station.

4. Select Dwelling Unit type as Private, Public, or Semi-Public.

5. Choose your Dwelling Unit like kirana stores, homes, hospitals, schools, and so on.

6. Choose your charger type from Lev AC and Bharat AC 001 chargers by drop-down menu in Charger Type option.

7. Select your preferable EV vendor name.

8. Choose the subsidy model as the Capex model which means one-time payment. You can also choose the Subscription Model which is available for 36 months.

9. Choose the quantity. You can buy only one charging station to avail subsidy if you are a single-dwelling household, bungalow, or home with one electric meter. If you have commercial meters, you can purchase up to 20 charging stations. Please note that the number of charging points must be 20% less than the number of available parking spaces. This means that if any commercial building has 10 parking spaces, the owner of the building can only avail subsidy for 2 charging stations.

10. You can check the load feasibility check as well. Suppose if you are buying a charger of 3 KW, enter 3 KW here to check if it comes under load sanction or not.

11. Lastly, hit on the submit button. Your information will be shared with the vendor you choose. They will contact you by themselves.


Want to know more about subsidized EV chargers under Delhi EV policy?

Please contact us at support@kazam.in or +91 9958943092. Our team will respond to all questions you may have. To request a callback, go to Kazam Charging Station - Delhi Subsidy and fill out the form. We will be delighted to assist you.

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