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What is the cost of an electric vehicle charging station in India?
Shayma Shamim
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Published on 5th May 22

What is the cost of an electric vehicle charging station in India?

A charging station for electric vehicles is an energy distribution block, in the same way as distribution columns, distribution terminals, and electricity distribution control terminals, intended for different types of electric vehicles, such as :

  • An electric motorcycle
  • An electric car
  • A coach or bus or an electric truck.

You can install them either in your home or at your place of work or in a public space. The first objective of this installation remains to reduce the cost related to your mobility, and therefore, to drive better in an ecological way.

How to choose your charging station for electric vehicles?

Few criteria must be taken into account when choosing your charging station for electric vehicles. These criteria refer in particular to the technical configuration of the device and the various regulations in force. Depending on the appropriate use, the different types of charging stations for existing electric vehicles include:

  • Standard charging stations
  • Fast charging stations
  • Ultra-fast charging stations

The recharging power of this electrical distribution equipment varies between 3 and 350 kilovolt-amperes. If a standard charging station offers a charging time of almost 8 hours for a small city car, a fast or ultra-fast model must be able to charge several vehicles in an hour, on average. In the latter cases, the charging station must at least be equipped with a badge reader in order to better control access.


Cost of an electric vehicle charging station installation process in India

Requirements for the infrastructure of charging stations for electric vehicles

  • Subsequent transformers and substations must be installed, with all safety precautions.
  • Documentation and licensing may be required depending on the place you are installing the charging station.
  • For an electric vehicle, you need enough space to get in and out and to top up.
  • The meter connection requires a 33/11 kV cable.
  • Requires proper construction work.

List of Affordable Charging Station in India

Kazam Mini

Kazam Mini is a premium looking 3.3 KW AC Smart Charging Station available at an affordable price of Rs 5,500. It is a Wi-fi based IOT Enabled smart charger that supports almost all types of electric vehicles including Electric cars, Electric Scooters. You can use it at 3 Pinpoint with a 16A Socket Charger. It comes in a slim and compact design that looks attractive and reliable. The compact and elegant design of Kazam Mini combined with IP-65 waterproof and dustproof protection and MCB rugged protection provide a complete solution. It can protect your battery from power surges. You can earn money in parking lots, shops, in front of your office, and get track of earnings in the Kazam mobile application. It has a smart app control. It has a length of 8.5 cm and width of 18 cm.

Kazam 3.3

Kazam 3.3 is a 3.3 KW AC Smart Charging Station available at an affordable price of Rs. 14,000. It is a SIM-based IoT Enabled charger that requires 3 Pinpoint and a 16A Socket Charger. You can charge Electric Car, Electric Bikes, and scooters. Kazam 3.3 charging station is weatherproof and can withstand storms from the rains in Mumbai to high temperatures in Rajasthan. It has anti-theft features, voice enabled charger with LED indicators. It has a length of 45 cm, a width of 30 cm. It is an IP65 certified charger. Remote monitoring dashboard designed for high visibility Smart IoT based technology engineered by IITians 24/7 connectivity via 2G sim based network.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station In India

Grant Thornton Bharat and the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce found in their reports that by 2026, There will be a requirement of more than 400,000 charging stations by 2026 to charge more than 2 million electric vehicles. Till Feb, we had 1,640 operational public EV chargers in India across many states including Delhi, Mumbai, Surat, etc. However, the government and private companies also plan to create thousands more. The government announced last year that the cost of EV parking spaces in all commercial buildings and facilities (shopping malls, medical facilities, resorts and hotels, offices and workplace premises, educational institutions, etc.) can accommodate more than 100 vehicles for a 5% retention in parking. The National Road authority started installing charging stations for electric vehicles every 40 to 60 kilometers. India's largest oil company plans to install 10,000 chargers for electric vehicles over the next three years. Some states, such as Karnataka, also devote their budget and resources to the installation process.

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