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What is it like to run a rental electric vehicle charging station and how profitable is it?
Simran Kaur
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Published on 30th Dec 21

What Is It Like To Run A Rental Electric Vehicle Charging Station And How Profitable Is It?

In an effort to accelerate its transition to carbon neutrality, India is expanding its public charging infrastructure. With the gauntlet thrown down to the general public, the field is open for private players to step up and lead the major urban transformation required to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles.

According to the government's guidelines, an EV charging station must be installed every 3 square kilometres in cities and every 25 kilometres on highways. Ministry of Power press release states, "the establishment of Public Charging Stations in India shall be a de-licensed activity." The document says, “any individual or entity is free to establish public charging stations, provided that such stations adhere to the technical and performance standards and protocols established from time to time by the Ministry of Power and Central Electricity Authority.”

This initiative is the right opportunity for stepping in and taking a charge to install your charging station, but what is it like to run a rental electric vehicle charging station and how profitable is it? Let’s Learn

Recharging Urban Transportation

Businesses must think creatively about how to attract customers while also increasing the value of each transaction in today's competitive landscape. Converting your location into an EV charging destination is one of the most clear and concise ways to accomplish this.


The Future Has Arrived; Look What Is In For You!

Increase Profits Through EV Charging Station Revenue - Billing customers for their use is the simplest way to maximise revenue from EV charging stations. Customers are willing to pay for on-road charging capabilities, particularly in areas where chargers are in high demand.

Elevate Number Of visitors at Your Business - EV charging stations attract new customers and eventually maximise their time in a store or restaurant, resulting in increased sales, which also frequently results in increased customer retention and your business's overall marketability.

It's time to put yourself on the map - Nowadays, there is an app for everything and electric vehicle charging stations are no exception. EV owners are constantly monitoring their battery percentage level. This is a real concern for EV drivers who cannot simply pop into a gas station. They are meticulous planners and prefer to know ahead of time where they can recharge their batteries. One could include a listing of your location along a route. A secondary benefit of listing on EV apps and websites is that it will increase your web presence. Google favours well-known portals, and your ranking may well increase organically.

Spruce up your brand image - Adding EV charging stations to your business demonstrates a great deal about you. Beyond the obvious "you can charge your electric car here," it may demonstrate your concern for the environment and local air quality, which customers, even those who drive gas guzzlers, appreciate. Additionally, it demonstrates that you are current with emerging technologies; if you have EV chargers, your website is probably quite cool. If not, they may still conduct a check - potential customer! Finally, it demonstrates that you understand that the world's needs and those of your customers are constantly changing.

Make a profit on the juice - While you are unlikely to earn much money here, you could consider charging users for their electricity consumption. If supply is scarce locally, you may be able to establish a new revenue stream. You could implement a loyalty programme. The more frequently they charge, the better the rate? Alternatively, you could creatively associate charger usage with discounted pricing in your business.

To know how the installation reaps out profit read: How are 'free' EV charging stations paid for? Cost Estimates and Revenue Model for a Public Charging Station (PCS)

The Final Word

There are numerous advantages to installing EV charging stations at your place of business. The points made in this section are merely the tip of the iceberg. Another advantage to consider is the tax benefits. The government provides financial incentives for the installation of these devices.

Conversely, how about electrifying your fleet of vehicles? You'd have the ability to charge, so why not utilise it as well? EV ownership may also provide tax benefits - after-purchase credits are readily accessible. As technology advances and environmental concerns gain prominence, now is an exquisite time to consider the numerous benefits of providing EV charging points to your customers.

Kazam has extensive experience with EV charging installation; we are the leading designer and installer of EV charging solutions. We provide a wide range of options and work closely with you to gain an understanding of your business in order to make recommendations that make sense to you. Try it out for yourself and increase your profits by a factor of ten.

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