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Week 2 of March 2022 - Electric Vehicle Industry Updates in india
Shayma Shamim
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Published on 22nd Mar 22

Week 2 of March 2022 - Electric Vehicle Industry Updates in india

100 charging points for electric vehicles will open in Delhi in June


By June 27, the Delhi government will install 500 charging points in 100 electric vehicle charging stations in the capital. Total 900 such points will be set up but initially, only 100 charging stations will work in Delhi. According to the Electricity Minister, a tender has been announced and will be signed in the first week of April. Officials said 71 will be installed out of 100 charging stations nearby the Delhi metro station and the rest at different locations in the city. The announcement was made at a press conference by State Minister Satyendra Jain and Delhi Conservation Committee Vice-Chairman Jasmine Shah. Charging stations stimulate the development of electric vehicles. Delhi is also cheaper on electric vehicles than other states, as per the Delhi Govt. The cost of charging an electric car costs more than Rs 10 per charge in other parts of the country, and about Rs 2 per charge in Delhi. In 2021, the Delhi government, led by Arvind Kejriwal, launched an electric vehicle policy that aims to convert 25% of the city's vehicles to electric vehicles over the next five years. At this stage, Delhi may need a large electric vehicle charging station infrastructure. The state government already subsidizes electric vehicles. Residents of Delhi must go through this blog: Delhi EV Details , for everything related to Delhi EV charging & subsidy

MG's upcoming electric car in India is likely to be a “Two-Door” car


MG Motor India has announced that it will launch the cheapest selling electric car in India. The brand currently only sells its car MG ZS EV in the EV segment in India and they are looking to expand their EV portfolio in the Indian automotive market. Based on recent media reports, MG Motors is working on a two-door electric car, the MG E230 which is expected to be available in India next year. This car targets the major segment of the country with its affordable price. This MG 2-door 4-seater electric car is expected to be launched with the starting price of 10 lakh rupees in the Indian Market. Patented images of this new MGE230 have been released, suggesting a longer wheelbase. This depicts that MG E230 is expected to offer enough space for four passengers. The MG E230 can be equipped with a 20 kWh battery and will provide a range of 150 Km. In addition, this two-door car can also use a 20kW motor. In terms of dimensions, it is 2,917 mm long, 1,493 mm wide, and 1,621 mm high. In addition, the wheelbase can reach 1,940 mm. Therefore, the footprint area is smaller unlike cars such as Datsun Redi-GO and Martis Suzuki Alto.

Magenta collaborates with this educational institution to install EV charging stations on the campus


Magenta has partnered with the education institute Xavier Institute to install the first electric vehicle charging stations across its Jesuit Educational Network campuses. The program began with the installation of the first electric vehicle charger at the Mahim Campus of Mumbai. This electric vehicle charging is open for users 24x7. According to the company, the charger will be controlled via the ChargeGrid app with remote online monitoring and automated payment features. The charging station has 7.4 KW AC chargers and 30 KW DC chargers which can easily charge E2W, E3W, and E4W. Magenta EV charging stations are currently available in nearly 34 major cities, many states, and national highways. Magenta says it plans to build a network of 4800 charging ports across the country to turn the roads and highways into electric ones. Magenta will install chargers in its network of educational institutions in Xavier, India, including 83 universities, 7 major business universities, 22 vocational colleges, 11 research institutes, more than 92 higher education institutions, schools, and 15 major institutions with specialized education.

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