Types Of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations In India


EVSE(Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment), is the backbone of EVs and has the potential for business and employment opportunities.

Electric Recharging Point,Charge Point,Electronic Charging Station,Kazam


• The type and power levels for the charging standards determine the cost of charging stations. Charging station standards may be selected in a manner to enable interoperability (charging of different makes of vehicles) so that third-party service providers can set up charging stations catering to all types of EVs.

• IEC committee has defined IEC 62196-2 types socket outlets.

• Both 3,4 wheelers, and buses can primarily use the DC EVSEs, depending on the EV OEM preferences, based on the battery chemistry.

• Four different standards for DCFCs in practice:

• CHAdeMO: CHAdeMO charging station can only be used for cars with a matching CHAdeMO inlet.

• The CHAdeMO is typically rated for 125 A and 500 V DC, which translates to 62.5 kW, even allow the peak power charging upwards of 125kW.


• The Combined Charging System (CCS) or combo as developed by the society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) for EVs with DC charging requirements. CCS- supported EVSE can only be used for cars with a matching CCS inlet. There are two versions of the CCS connector:

1 . The U.S. version combines the Type one Yazaki AC design with the additional DC pins, and 

2. The European version combines the DC pins with the Type two Mennekes AC design.

Electric Recharging Point,Charge Point,Electronic Charging Station,Kazam


The Department of Heavy Industries' scheme of setting up more than 2600 public charging stations in various cities and more than 1700 along highways is a step in the right direction. Such policies and guidelines provide a positive boost for EV adoption in the country to take off.

A charging station, also called electric vehicle charging station, electric recharging point, charging point, charge point, electronic charging station (ECS), and electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE), is a machine that supplies electric energy to charge plug-in electric vehicles- including cars, neighbourhood electric vehicles, trucks, buses and others.

Electric Recharging Point,Charge Point,Electronic Charging Station,Kazam
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