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Top 5 Electric Vehicle Stocks to Buy Right Now
Simran Kaur
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Published on 18th May 21

Top 5 Electric Vehicle Stocks to Buy Right Now

I'm sure you've asked yourself: "What stocks would be the best in the Indian electric vehicle market?" In which Indian stock company could investors be interested? And even more! This blog will provide you with all the answers.

What's Going On With The Electric Vehicle Industry In India?

People have recently begun to recognize the need for electric vehicles in India, a country with alarming emission levels. The sharp increase in public and government participation in sustainable mobility signals the start of India's green revolution. Higher levels of electric vehicle (EV) stock in India and Indian EV component stock for battery manufacturers would result from this fresh capital inflow.

By 2023, all three-wheelers will be battery-powered, and the majority of two-wheelers will follow suit by 2025. With the Indian government's heightened focus on green mobility, it's realistic to expect the EV market to grow and expand India’s electric car fleet. With such widespread acceptance and development in India's EV market, the year 2021 can be considered the optimal period to invest in electric vehicle stocks in India. 


Indian Electric Vehicle Stocks Will Grow By Leaps And Bounds In The Coming Decade.

India has many strong electric vehicles and battery firms that stand out for market leadership, The top five electric vehicle stocks in India include:

1. Mahindra & Mahindra Limited

By launching Mahindra Reva in India in early 2000, the Mahindra group set the wheels in motion for its electric revolution. With the EV manufacturing plant in Bangalore, it has moved beyond the needs of both consumers and businesses and is now into many other market segments. The future expansion into the electric vehicle market, especially concerning battery development, is expected to be managed by Mahindra & Mahindra Limited. 

Mahindra has introduced two new compact urban electric car models: the Mahindra e2o and the Mahindra e2o Plus. Stocks in Mahindra & Mahindra Limited can represent an excellent investment opportunity right now. 

Market cap: 93,967.00

Dividend yield: 0.31%

PE Ratio: -165.90

Share Price: 794.60 

2. Tata Motors Ltd. 

Tata Motors had a hand in revolutionizing the Indian electric car market with the launch of the Nexon EV. Tata Motors introduced an innovative feature in their new electrified vehicles: ZAPTRON, which generates power through kinetic braking and recharges the battery while on the move.

Tata Motors currently sells three hybrid vehicles: the Tigor EV, Nano EV, and Tiago electric. Projected to dominate the EV market as it is growing its R&D globally and in India. Besides automobiles, Tata Motors manufactures some of the nation's most numerous heavy-duty electric buses, dump trucks, and military vehicles in India.

The share price of Tata Motors Limited is as follows:

Market cap : 109,885

Dividend yield : 0.00%

PE Ratio : -7.00

Share Price : 331.95

3. Maruti Suzuki Ltd.

Maruti Suzuki is a market leader in India's auto sector, with a wide reach and strong levels of emotional attachment. It has the highest level of trust among Indian customers, and its EV-specific stocks expected to rise once it begins production.

By mid-2021, the company plans to introduce an electric version of the famous Maruti Suzuki wagon R. By that time, it is prudent to keep a close eye on Maruti Suzuki's share price.

The share price of Maruti Suzuki India Ltd is as follows:

Market cap : 2,05,475

Dividend yield : 0.00%

PE Ratio : 46.82

Share Price :  6,786.00

4. Ashok Leyland Ltd.

Ashok Leyland is India's leading manufacturer of electric buses, trucks, and security equipment. It has developed the first electric bus with flash-charge technology.

It permits vehicles to fit on Indian highways, making it ideal for heavy-duty electric vehicles. Circuit, Circuit S, and HYBUS are just a few of Ashok Leyland's iconic launches. Ashok Leyland will disrupt the heavy electric vehicle segment in India with ABB TOSA technology.

Price of Ashok Leyland Ltd's stock:

Market cap : 35,593.27

Dividend yield : -71.64

PE Ratio : 0.41%

Share Price : 121.30

5. Amara Raja Batteries Ltd

Battery manufacturing companies can be considered the top stock picks for electric vehicle battery manufacturers stocks in India because batteries are the most important part of electric vehicles. Batteries must be replaced at regular intervals, implying that EV battery sales will remain consistent. 

Amara Raja Batteries, India's second-largest battery producer, is planning to open a Lithium-ion battery manufacturing plant soon. In partnership with the Delhi government, the company plans to construct many charging stations. Amara Raja Batteries will be a big player in India's electric vehicle stocks, making it an ideal stock to keep an eye on.

Price of Amara Raja Batteries Ltd:

Marketing Cap: 13,401.95

Dividend yield : 1.40%

PE Ratio : 22.55

Share Price : 784.20


Now that you know the list of the top electric vehicle (EV) stocks in India with prominent car manufacturers in the EV segment, their current assignments, and anticipated developments. You shouldn't wait to invest in it! This will cause electrification in the auto industry to recede for the foreseeable future. 

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** Disclaimer: Use at Your Own Risk. This blog is the result of an intensive market study, and you, as an investor, are encouraged to conduct your own investigation. ** 

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