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The Most Affordable Electric Vehicle Charging Station in India
shayma Shamim
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Published on 11th Nov 21

Most Affordable Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Are you looking for an affordable Electric Vehicle charging station for your electric car, an electric bike, an electric scooter, or an electric cargo, and that too at your convenience?

We found an ideal match for your requirements!

Kazam charging station is the ideal solution for those who want a charging station with a simple and immediate payment system. For you who have made a responsible choice dedicated to progress and respect for the environment, we offer comfort and convenience with Kazam electric charging station. Along with Kazam, an innovation in the electric mobility sector, we guarantee service and products of certified quality to your home and business. The ideal installation locations are car parks and garages, commercial activities, restaurants, sports centres, tourist accommodation facilities.


Government and businesses are striving hard to expand their national charging infrastructure. You can now use the Kazam app to charge your electric vehicles in garages, public parking, and recreational areas in an easy, safe and convenient way.

How has Kazam become the most affordable EVCS?

  • Kazam aims to accelerate the development of electric vehicles in India by creating a visual and manageable infrastructure that is always available to all-electric vehicle drivers of India. Our industry is based on the latest research and development that will help Kazam to prove itself as the most affordable charging station in India.
  • Kazam offers its services to government agencies, individuals, hotels, and shopping centres to support the design of IT infrastructure and platforms for dynamic and flexible management of charging stations. Our products have been thoroughly researched and customized as per the user's demands.
  • Kazam evaluates the best charging technology at the lowest cost and carries out the work for individuals and condominiums.
  • With the Kazam App, you can regularly charge your electric vehicle at your ease. You can conveniently pay by adding money into the wallet and simply activate the charging process via the Kazam app.

So how does charging an electric vehicle work?

AC charging stations are mostly used at home or in semi-public parking lots. The conversion of alternating current into direct current takes place via a converter in the car.

When charging at a DC charging station, the electricity coming from the grid is converted into a direct current in the charging station. This means that the electricity can be fed directly into the battery.

The charging power of a DC charging station is much higher. However, the stations are also much more expensive and are therefore mainly used in public areas - e.g. at motorway yards or rest stops, where particularly fast charging is required.


There is a charging solution for your electric vehicle for every lifestyle.

In a single-family home

Make charging fast and easy with a Kazam charging station. We deliver the perfect charging option for your home.

In an apartment building

Regardless of whether it is an underground car park, garage yard, or outdoor parking space: we pave the way for e-mobility in the residential sector. Kazam implements common charging solutions for parking space owners in apartment buildings.

Install charging stations in Public

No parking space? No problem! With a public charging station, you have a reliable charging option without your own parking space. Install a charging station for others in front of your shops, office and earn money with it.

Kazam Charging Solutions


Who are we?

Kazam makes it possible for you to have accessible charge stations. The AC Chargers are reasonable and are IoT-enabled, affordable, and universal. We provide tailor-made solutions to various sectors and industries such as manufacturing units, offices, workplaces, hospitality, apartment, entertainment, retail, and more. With great pride, the chargers are manufactured in-house by IITIans. A made-in-India product for our green tech-friendly Indian customers. These chargers can charge every electric bike, electric scooter, and eclectic car.

Go ahead and explore, find your fit - how you can assist the country in becoming a better place to live. Didn't find the right fit for you? We at Kazam care for our pro EV shoppers and provide them with complete EV recommendation solutions. We will assist you in finding your perfect EV! From range, financial aspect, space concerns to the battery and charging solutions. Book your appointment now!

For more information, visit Kazam EV at https://www.kazam.in/ or send us a message at our social handles Kazam EV, and we will get back to your kazamly! Join the Kazam family and make the world a tech-eco-friendly place!

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